Episode- 2196- The Mindset of the Warrior Poet — 6 Comments

  1. In past times on Earth people had to fight a lot more than they do now to stay alive. But in modern cultures most of us don’t have to deal directly with armed combat. However, the ability to fight, the willingness to fight in whatever situation or context, is a very important part of surviving in a body on Earth.

    I see the basis of human-on-human violence in the phenomenon called the “criminal mind.” Criminals can’t work, so they have to create diversions among the productive people so they can steal from them. One of the greatest diversions they have learned to create is human-on-human violence. As long as there are criminals we will have to deal with this. Planet-level criminals produce planet-level violence. Family-level criminals produce family-level violence.

    To face and handle criminals is perhaps the greatest gift of a warrior and I think the only reason we really need warriors, and why we all need to learn something about fighting and self-defense.

    I myself am not a great example of these ideas, but I at least have some experience with stressing my body to extreme degrees and learning how to work in a command-style organizational structure.

    What else I know about this is that struggling through a difficult situation with a group and surviving strengthens one’s self-confidence, willingness to work with others, and sense of what’s real and what’s fake.

    There is some stereotype that to be a soldier you have to be either stupid or arrogant. But both of these make bad soldiers – bad fighters. The same qualities that make a person successful in anything also apply to the fighter or the warrior. Thus, to be a soldier – or hold any position that actually requires competence – and find oneself commanded by a dick can be very frustrating.

    And so it is natural that someone who has been a good soldier could also be a great thinker, a great teacher, a great writer, artist, father, etc.

    This show went beyond these basics but also returns to them. The situation on Earth seems rather extreme to most of us. If we don’t understand how it came to be like this, we won’t ever be able to handle it. That knowledge exists, but the criminals don’t want you to know it. So to become informed, you may well end up offending someone. However, your wisdom may enable you to eventually turn that person into a real friend.

  2. Posted to the Preppers page on MeWe.  I can’t post things like this on Facebook any longer.  Since I’m a “Facebook felon” I am watched.

    But…the good news is…the folks on MeWe will learn about TSP!  And hopefully MeWe will grow quickly.

  3. Great show Jack, I find John’s YouTube channel to be top quality and it was great to see him as a guest here.

  4. Jack,

    I tried to listen to the Warrior Poet interview with an open mind.  It seemed to me like you struggled to keep our interest in that one.  He was a little too abstract for my listening tastes.  You tried really hard feeding him softballs.

    I simply see a lot of poet in him.  Yea sure he’s 3xranger…  RLTW.

    I joined msb because I really like your content and product reviews.  Sorry I couldn’t hear a topic on this interview.

    • I felt I struggled too, and it was hard to get him to a place that worked for me, still may others liked it. It did seem odd to me that he didn’t have an answer to a few questions given he wrote those questions himself in the guest survey. Not every topic or guest will work for every listener that is why we do 5 shows a week.