Our Leaders Fiddle as the Empire Burns – Epi-3345 — 2 Comments

  1. Preach the facts & truth no matter the emotional impact for people who need to decide; do you want a roof over your head, multiple forms of income, a yard full of food or do you want your feelings coddled?
    Absolute spot on 100% description of The Big Short – which became my fallback $$remember this!
    Lost almost everything 2008-2012 with rentals and NO bad paper.
    Now I’m tougher, stronger, smarter, Geoff L. 1st web course in 2013 (with you in it), and I give zero apologies for pattern recognition & street smarts, and ditching my libtard roots.

  2. Thanks for recommending The Big Short. Just finished watching for first time. Good stuff. Do you think the financial rating and oversite agencies are as as corrupt as the FDA, CDC, NIH? Well of course they are.