The Duck Chronicles – Episodes One and Two — 24 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    Where did you find those heaters for $7 on amazon…only found some for $30+

    thanks man !

  2. I’m seriously thinking about ducks when I move to the farm in the summer.

    Would really love to see an episode on quail. I’m wondering if the quail can scratch on a smaller scale then chickens. Seems as if they can plus produce those jalapeño quail eggs 🙂

  3. Other than the lights you put together the exact same setup to include those blue totes as I did with our chickens. At first I used this like recycled cotton type of stuff for the bedding. It definitely wasn’t very good.

  4. This is a cool project, everyone is going to be amazed at how fast these grow.
    I would pack some wood chips or paper towel around the wire base so they don’t get their feet trapped in that gap next to the box. Ducklings will get into as much trouble as possible.

    I was always told to wet the duck feed for the young babies, Old timer told me they can choke on dry feed, I never lost a duckling so I’ve never questioned him or tried dry feed.

    Folks need to be reminded not to buy medicated chick starter for ducks. Ducks need the non medicated feed.

    Those ceramic heaters are interesting really great alternative to ‘fire hazard’ heat lamps. I like the low watt Brinsea Brooders but like you say they are so expensive it will take 10 years of electricity savings to pay for them. I’ll let you know in 7 years if they are still working.

    Jack, Thank you for all the great stuff you share, you really help change peoples lives for the better.
    Hope this will inspire more people to keep ducks.

  5. Thanks for the video Jack! One quick question. I thought I recall you mentioning the way to find out if you have the right amount of heat is if they are all scattered way away from the light you have too much, if they are all jammed into the middle you have too much, but if they are all somewhat in the middle, and somewhat out, you have it just right. I see all those little ducks piled on top of each other though.

    Am I remembering wrong, or are baby ducks different in that way?

    • Well you are right but it doesn’t have anything to do with what you are seeing here. They are always skattered unless sleeping when they do huddle, that is just what babies do.

      The reason they are all jammed into the other side is because they are afraid of the big talking giant, with that weird metal thing with a bright light on it that he keeps pointing at them.

    • Additionally keep in mind they had been in the mail for 48 hours and had been in that brooder for about 2 minutes before this video. You’d be scared too!

  6. Thanks for doing this Jack! I’m learning so much and will be able to put it into practice. Love the heat lamps and the water tray ideas. You bet I’ll be using those in the future. Looking forward to the next video.

  7. Thanks for doing this Jack! I’m learning so much and will be able to put it into practice. Love the heat lamps and the water tray ideas. Looking forward to more videos.
    *sent in an earlier comment with my email in place of name – doh! Can you take that off? Thx!

    • That heater will likely work just fine. Odds are it is the same, made in the same Chinese factory under a different name.

  8. Just an observation…..within a week I think you will be wanting 2 -4 more brooding tubs. Ducklings grow VERY quickly, and are very very messy. I have 10 ducklings arriving on the 14th and will have ten in the same sized tub that you have 20 in. I have a garage brooder to set up for week 3 for them that will be 4×4.

    I am excited for more duck chronicles.

    • Having raised 28 birds last spring, I know how fast they grow. In two weeks they will be spending time outside. I move a little faster with brooding then most do.