The Duck Chronicles Episode Twenty Three – Birdsfoot Trefoil and a Willow Tree — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent !
    Thanks Jack.

    Meanwhile, in Southern Ohio Monday I BBQ’d in the middle of a major snowstorm here in the vanilla ghetto. I am quite certain about 60 units on this 40 acre property were looking out their windows thinking I must be stark raving crazy but I had planned a “block party” for Monday, posted notices in every building here Saturday before I knew a major snowstorm was going to be coming through.

    When TSHTF some guys run and some guys stay. I’m staying. How could I call myself a survivalist wacko, or a Man, if I canceled on account of weather? Needless to say, nobody showed so there I was in 5″ of snow and it was coming down hard while I fired up the BBQ, cooked a steak and ate it in public view of God and everyone.

    And I did this while I just had my heart bruised up a little the day before by a failed romance with a neighbor, but that’s another letter. I believe that’s called fortitude.

    It had to be done.
    Leading by example.
    I feel much better, now that I have developed an attitude problem 😉

    Nice to see that the sun is shining in Texas.

  2. Simple question I am sure, but when you seed your pasture with different mixes, do you just throw the seed down at the right time and see what happens? Or does it require any work to get the seeds down into the ground?

  3. Hey what kinda grass do you guys got that is actually green right now? Around here unless you’ve planted rye you’ve got a brown yard. One of my long standing projects is to start building multi-species pastures for much better winter foraging.