The Duck Chronicles Episode Twenty Eight – Ain’t Winter Great — 13 Comments

  1. Jack… how can the Muscovy be sitting on 18 eggs. She just went broody the other day and how could she lay 18 eggs in that time ? or did she steal them from the other girls and roll them to her spot and sit on them all ??


  2. I haven’t followed these posts very much. But I really love the fact that you’re doing them. Ducks are the greatest!

    My first Muscovy drake was named “Sir Francis.” (Think on that.)

    Here in NE Oklahoma we’ve had some very variable weather this winter. Our Muscovies started to lay at the beginning of January, for a few days, and quit until recently, due to extreme cold. Last week they started again, in spite of the cold. Normally we have had a hatch by now.

  3. Raising ducks vs. chickens intrigues me. I raised emu’s for a short while (long story, stupid story…) and was considering chickens. Then I stumbled across your blog and thought, hold on now…

    Still, I have concerns and questions. I travel for work. Usually a M-F thing. But that raises the question of whether ducks need daily attention. I can put in an automatic door, same as for chickens. Feed same same. But a week without a water change? Any thoughts on that?

    And speaking of water, and 15 degree weather. I can figure out how to keep water from freezing, but how does that work for the ducks? Get in, get wet, get out, frozen duck???

    So I’m sitting this out until I get some clarity on that. Perhaps you can help.

    Thanks. Enjoy the blog a great deal!

    • I could no longer tell you which one she is. No one now seems to be limping. You know how ice helps with inflammation right, nature may have provided an ice pack.

  4. Nice to see what’s going on at your place and with the ducks.
    How did you get that swale so full of water?
    Also, on one of your swales you showed (on an earlier video) your new irrigation system. Why didn’t you use drip lines? Just curious. People say drip uses less water.

    • Hard water and drip lines equal clogged drippers in a week flat. Just doesn’t work with my water.

      As to getting the swales full, that is what they do, they harvest water from rain. With all this ice and the slow melt coming they will be full to the top soon. In short I didn’t do anything, except design them properly when they were put in.

    • That white stuff? I think it is called global warming, more is supposed to fall tonight.