The Duck Chronicles Episode Thirty Three – A Poor Little Stranded Ducks Plea — 6 Comments

  1. Yup…when you were on the porch with the babies you could really tell they were moving from peeping to quacking…. it was all mixed in there, but you could hear it. By time you get back in a week Jack, they’ll all be different.

    Have a safe and FUN trip.


  2. Jack, after that close call with the one duck it might be a good idea to turn any lone cinderblocks on their side in order to avoid another incident.
    I realizer that that’s not possible with the ones for the fenceposts but it should cut down on the hazards somewhat.

    • What I did instead was fill the hole with rocks. I am actually more concerned one would wedge themselves into it from the side it we tipped it over. She was kind of hard to extract!

  3. Love those muscovies. Hoping to get some ourselves in the near future. Stay warm!

  4. I love my stableicers! I could never walk my 2 large dogs in the upstate New York winters without them. But a word of caution, if you are going to be walking on mixed terrain, like snow to ice to asphalt or concrete the opposite can happen and you will find yourself sliding on the concrete…I found this one out the hard way 🙂

  5. so Jack…our ducks would try to walk over the frozen 3 acre pond at my parents place. Their feet would freeze to the ice. We always knew they were frozen in place because we would see them sit down on their feet to melt the ice enough for them to keep moving. Winters in Michigan could be pretty tough on them but they always made it through. No shelter, just some open water from the ponds and we would feed them. Had Pekins and Muskovies. They aslo will roost in the trees. they are tough…no worries.