The Duck Chronicles Episode Thirty Eight – The Ducks Have Moved Across the Gate — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,

    You now have multiple females all with eggs hatching at different times and ducks in different stages of growth.

    You said you were feeding the girls and the ducklings the same thing but how do you know how much to feed them ?? 3 Females, X number of ducklings, X, Y, and Z ages…..


    • Growing birds and their moms are simply given food at all times and can eat as much as they choose.

      As to the multiple ages it isn’t the issue many think as you noticed the two Swedish gals came in after the eggs were in excess and sort of became adopted mommies. They take turns and the eggs being incubated are rabidly declining in number. In about one more week we have to make the hard choice to start removing them.

      That duck house stinks and needs a good cleaning out! Too much rain lately.

  2. With all those ducks gleying up your “pond”, it would be interesting to see how much longer it holds water.

    • It won’t make much difference, way too much rock. You’d have to fence them into the area to get much of an effect.