The Duck Chronicles Episode Sixteen – A New Fence and Fields of Green — 7 Comments

  1. I look forward to a new episode of these Duck Chronicles every day, Jack. Thanks for taking the time to film and post so quickly. You’ve convinced me that my new homestead will not be complete without some ducks — and now I know how to go about it. I love the sharing mentality in the prepper/homesteader community – “Here’s what I’ve done, it may work for you, too.” While so many people are out to just make money with their $2.99 ebook on whatever subject, you’re giving out very valuable and practical information, plus videos, on raising ducks, duck tractors, and temporary fencing for paddocks. So much good information to help me avoid making some big newbie mistakes. Really appreciate it, Jack!

  2. Thanks for these videos, great to watch the ducks grow.

    I have a similar fence, I bend the bottom square 90 degrees and then use good quality steel tent pegs to secure in between each post.

  3. If you rotated the cinder blocks so that one was on the inside and the next was on the outside would that improve the rigidness of that bottom row? It looks like it could provide some needed tension to keep it from being pushed under as easy.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  4. Way cool vid series!

    FYI – you forgot to tag this one and episode 17 with “duck-chronicles” so it’s not showing up when we go to that subsite

  5. Jack,

    Great ideas and information. I love to see and hear what you all are doing. Especially the portable fence posts in blocks.

    An idea that would help with the ridgidity of your fence is to use long stalks of bamboo, zip-tied or lashed horizontally along the top and maybe the bottom of your fence. Overlap the ends with about 1 or 2 feet as a mininum. I do this with the exact same type of fencing as well as some re-purposed lattice around my garden beds. Other long stick material might work if you had it. Hope this helps. It would be great to see this tip used in a future video if you like it.