The Duck Chronicles Episode Nineteen – Freedom to Roam the Fields of Green — 6 Comments

  1. I live in a suburb. We are allowed ten chickens, no rosters. Thinking about ducks instead. Will their noise bother my neighbors? I have a chicken coop set up with 3 different paddocks.

    • Since I am not your neighbors I don’t know what bothers them. Frankly to be blunt they quack, sometimes they are loud. We love them, I love hearing them, I can’t imagine it bothering me. But most people today seem to be idiots so who knows.

      Muscovies are quiet though.

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  3. Jack…I think I’m starting to realize something here, are ducks and/or chickens the permaculture way of controlling bugs and weeds in the garden or food forest??? As soon as a weed pops up do the ducks eat it as a new green ? and of course, I can only imagine they go crazy for any bugs they can reach.


    • Precisely I can mow three acres (not fun) or let the ducks eat it. You should see them on grass hoppers in summer. It is a murderous ravenous military style hunting operation. They look like hunters driving deer, they move in formations.

  4. Just wanted to say these ducks are flipping adorable. I really enjoy watching the videos. All the knowledge Im gaining from your experience will help when I get my own.