The Duck Chronicles Episode Four – Rapid Growth in Store — 5 Comments

  1. This type of gain is typical with these ducks. I have switched to the Metzer 300s exclusively for our egg business. I have raised hundreds of ducks and I have never seen a more superior bird from 1 day to adulthood. I have about 30 that are outside at 3 and 4 weeks in the winter. They are amazing birds. Love the duck episodes Jack. I would love to do a Duck Duo show with you sometime.

    • Good to hear John. I tried to force myself into a Heritage breed, like Appleyard or Welsh Harlequin or something cool. In the end looking for the right duck for the right job, all my research led to Metzer.

  2. Loved your grandson’s reaction, which is exactly how I would react if you suddenly turned the camera on me!

  3. Jack, great info. I have chickens now and want to try ducks (Metzer 300). I don’t want to rush the information but have you talked or do you plan to talk about the nesting area that will be required? From what I’ve read, they usually lay before 10:00 a.m., so just leave them penned up until then. That keeps them from laying out, who knows where. Do they require anything more than a lot of bedding where they just lay and also hang out at night? I’ve heard people training them to use nest boxes but would like to hear some other types of methods. Thanks…………Harold