The Duck Chronicles Episode Eleven – A Warm Brooder is Heaven — 9 Comments

  1. Jack. Great innovations in poultry brooding. I am totally going to rip this off when my new chickens get here! 😉

  2. Jack.. OMG..they are so much bigger. A huge difference. They look more ducky than duckling now, except for the fluff. Hey.. would you show on video the feed that you are using and the bedding that you are using. I think you are making THE #1 instructional on youtube for raising ducklings and that would be good to show a newbie finding this video for the first time.


  3. Do you have trouble with predators like hawks bothering small birds?
    I assume the grown geese will keep the coyotes away (or at least sound the alarm) but what about airborne threats?
    How do the dogs feel about all these baby ducks? Are they on good terms?

    • Yea I didn’t notice that until I uploaded to the big screen. Note that water isn’t the only thing to roll off a ducks back. Another advantage over chickens!

    • Notice how it ran off smooth as silk though. When ducks are healthy nothing sticks to them short of tar or oil.

      • True true. My hens don’t have that super pooper power. Alright Jack, I get it I get it! Ducks, you got me! 🙂