The Duck Chronicles Episode Eight – Ain’t Bath Time Great — 5 Comments

  1. Jack…. how did you know we wanted a bonus episode. After watching this mornings episode you teased us about tomorrow, and I said,”I want another one.” and this evening I check the computer and there is a bonus episode and I thought,”How did he know I wanted that…”. Yes..thank you for recording the first swim….it was cute. It is amazing to see what they know by instinct, and also proves why rubber duckies are so popular.


  2. That’s funny, entertaining and instructive.
    But baby ducks need to bond, right?
    Meaning you are your ducks’ Mom 😉

    Yesterday their bills were yellow but in the bathtub they are purple.
    What’s up with that? Camera trick, the lighting or did the bills change color?

    Seems like I recall the US Supreme court once said something like “we can’t define duck but we know it when we see it”. Or maybe it was the lighting which made the difference between art and …uh…. art.

    Your ducks are beautiful.
    How long before you turn them lose outside?
    What will you feed them outside or can they fend for themselves?
    Thanks for the videos Jack.

  3. How neat. But they need a bigger puddle. It is amazing how much nature, animals, plants etc add to our lives. Thank you n for posting this.