Episode-159- The Difference Between Survival and Hobby Gardening — 3 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Assuming that your cell phone works in the mountains (Verizon has the best coverage nationwide) then it might be worth $59/month ($2 per day) to have their digital broadband service (or any carier that you can get reception from). It allows a laptop computer to reach the internet from a moving car, a park bench, or anywher the cellular network can reach. It works well for me in the Adirondack Mountains of NY.

    The digital modem will cost from $49 (on sale) to $99 (list price). If you get reception at your location then it makes sense in light of your internet based business.

  2. Jack & fellow bloggers, I have been following the troubles down South Texas way with Mexico. Good time for people in that area to get ready for survivalism. A good book to read Civil War Two: The coming break up of America by Thomas W. Chittum. I read this book in 1996 and it seems like now is the time to get ready. My wife and I have been living this lifestyle since that time. Go to youtube and search “Hawk Hill Farm off the Grid.” Still a lot to do but its a start.

  3. great show!
    do more like this!
    seeds will become hard to come by as the season progresses. People need to buy their seed as soon as possible.