Dealing with the Coming Hard Years – Epi-3109 — 6 Comments

  1. As an aged lifelong entrepreneur, I can totally identify with Jack’s premise. If you cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen!

  2. When you are talking about how strange it is that there is a labour shortage yet people can’t afford to eat, you are missing the entire point. You tell millennial to go walk across the street for $1/hrs more. That is exactly what they are doing and that is WHY there is a labour shortage.

    Its not even a labour shortage. Unemployment is low. The companies complaining about how they can’t find anyone to work for them, it’s because they are the ones hemorrhaging employees because they are paying slave wages. There isn’t a labour shortage, there is a slave shortage. These people who you are imploring to seek better jobs, they are doing exactly that and you are reading it as lazy millennial, instead of what is actually happening, which is greedy corporations are getting it jammed up their ass because they refuse to pay a decent salary. So they lose people and complain the kids don’t want to work.

    Don’t fall for their propaganda. The kids are alright, and they are doing exactly what you say they should be doing, and that very thing is what is causing the slave shortage.

    • Sorry but no that is NOT the issue, no way. Don’t even bother making a case with the “unemployment %” that shows a lack of being informed. Sorry it just does. Workforce participation is lower than anytime in modern history.

      Unemployment is a fake number it measures only those trying to find work who don’t have jobs. Workforce participation measures those of working age that are actually working.

      It’s about 60% BTW, meaning about 40% of people of working age are not working at all.

      May be you are the one falling for “propaganda”?

      • With all due respect Jack you’ve been self employed for so long that you aren’t really “in the trenches” with people working regular jobs.

        What Canadian Permaculture Legacy is saying is 100% spot on. Read about peoples experiences with recruiters and companies. They are creating insanely high barriers to entry with 10 step interview processes for garbage wages and shit working conditions.

        Many people have decided that it simply isn’t worth it to lose all their free time for something that barely pays the bills. I totally get why people are walking away from jobs like that.

  3. Would have to partially agree. I’m a member of lots of career groups where salary jobs are listed. Many applicants complain how many companies have gotten very selective in who they hire with elaborate multi-stage interviews and then ghosting of candidates afterwards. Has gotten to be very common for salary positions, especially with working remotely. I’m self employed in my 50s and have considered getting a salaried job again for more money, but see ageism come up constantly as well as companies expecting a whole lot more these days.