The Blog About Contest — 6 Comments

    • Already touched on it in the podcast. I’ll have to rearrange a couple episodes and hit it hard next week. Fun challenge!

  1. I had been planning a post on this… Guess now I have a bit of a head start with rough outline above… Thanks. Nice prizes!

  2. I don’t have a blog but want to start my 13 Steps, not to compete with the other members to share and develop support. So, if you could assist me in how I build a blog or blog site that would meet the criteria established by TSP, I would be very grateful, likely you can see I am a bit of a wiener when it comes to social networking, I don’t like or really trust Twitter or FaceBook, so can you point me In the correct direction so I can step to it, so to speak. Thank you

    • A blog is a blog, TSP has no requirements for a blog. This just a fun contest for bloggers. Now if you want to learn to blog there many ways to learn to do it for free, but don’t do it just for us.

      If someone wanted to learn to blog I would just say go to get a free wordpress hosted blog and start playing with it. If you have any trouble doing something go to youtube and just search for “how to ________ with wordpress” and there are about a million videos on the subject the there.

      Again though only do this if you want to be a blogger, don’t do it just for us.

      And this isn’t about competing with others when it comes skills again just a fun way that members can help spread the word and have a bit of fun. The best way to connect with and support others is to do so on the dedicated 13skills board on the TSP Forum.