The Berkey Guy is Doubling his MSB Incentive for the Month of September — 11 Comments

  1. Damn it! I just ordered my water purification system last week and received it Sat after procrastinating for over a month on whether or not to buy one…..

    Nice system though. Ordered the 2.1 gal stainless with anti F^-1 filter.

  2. While on a bicycle tour I figured out that my Berkey water bottle top and filter fits on my MSR water bag (dromedary). Switched the tops, hung the water bag from a tree and let it drip into water bottles. You can also sit on the water bag and push the water out faster. No need to take a water pump when you are already hauling arsh….

  3. Im ready to order, but should I put 2 berkey sports in my cart to get the total credit with the code or not add them to my cart? The current MSB instructions say to add it to the cart and it will get refunded. Thanks.

  4. Got some filters and a stainless steel replacement kit. Much needed pieces! Thanks for everything you do for the community Jeff.

  5. Jeff,
    Just ordered my Berkey…. The extra water bottle did the trick…. THANK YOU for supporting this website and the MSB.

  6. Placed my order the last couple of days of September and just received my package from Jeff. I got the Go Berkey kit because I’ll be moving into my travel trailer soon for a time and won’t have much space. Since that set comes with a sport bottle, I got a total of three sport bottles! I can put one in the BOB, one at work, and still have a spare on hand. The sport filter top also fits on my Klean Kanteen, so I can use it with that if I don’t want to use the plastic bottle. Thanks, Berkey Guy!