Episode-2500- The Audience Speaks — 13 Comments

  1. Congratulations Jack!

    2500 Episodes.

    Certainly a testament to the monumental tasks that can be achieved with consistent daily action. I would imagine that between the podcast, the other projects, and YouTube videos, that you’ve passed the 10k hour mark in content.

  2. Only 20 minutes in and already off to a GREAT start!   It’s so awesome hearing how the show has helped people!

  3. Myself and the family will be listening to this  this weekend. Congrats Jack. Looking forward to 10 more years 🙂

  4. Jack, congrats on 2500. You have made a significant impact  in my life too.

    I didn’t call because I’ve been weed whacking on my motorcycle and I know how much you hate that, ya jerk!

    Thanks to you, the expert council and this fantastic community you’ve built for us.

    Congrats again,  looking forward to another 2500 or more shows.

  5. Congratulations Jack,

    For a Jerk, you sure are informative, entertaining and if folks don’t know, you are an educator of modern survival.

    Looking forward to episode 5,000, if I am still around.

    Thanks for all that you.

  6. Is it just me or..

    Did anyone have the need for a single tear as they were getting shit done?

    A bombardment of keep pushing.

    I’m a ” Big Feeler!” , And each call got me stepping higher.

    Kudos to all my friends I don’t know, but do feel.

  7. Congratulations Jack,

    I did manage to call, tried to come up with clever and witty words, but wasted over a month trying to get it right that I just thought a short message from the heart was enough. I have to say listening to all these people, I realized, they feel the same way I do. You’ve been a blessing to us all.

    Thank you, for telling us what we needed to hear. I’m looking forward to many more years.


  8. What an awesome end. Thank you Jack that certainly was an uplifting podcast, and what a fitting song. That song got me through some really tough times back when I was selling Roses to survive, in Michigan. I have tears in my eyes as I write this remembering how far I’ve come. My call was really lean compared to what I feel now. So much has happened that I was overwhelmed with the opportunity to express it. I often just click on the song when I need it, thank you for putting it in. I am a little bummed that it cut off close to the end though. No issue I just went to your blog and clicked on it again to get my fix.



    P.S. Thank you, Jack



  9. It is Monday morning and I just finished episode 2500 with tears in my eyes. (While getting stuff done.) So incredibly encouraging. What a wonderful community. Congrats Jack

  10. Jack, I hope you’re inspired too. You’re doing amazing work. I’d like another 5000 episodes please!

  11. Episode 1286 from Jan 2014 about 50 minutes left Jack talks about what he wants his hyphen to mean, “to live on in things that people are actually doing to better themselves and their families…”

    Pretty consistent over 5+ years.