Episode-1025- The Thanksgiving Special for 2012 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, one of the things that I am extremely thankful for this Thanksgiving is that I found your podcast this year. The work you are doing is amazing and I am grateful for your help in getting me “grounded” and helping me set a course in my preparations for things to come. You’ve been a blessing to me and my family! I will be joining the MSB to show my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and dedication. God bless you and yours and I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!

  2. Hey Jack and TSP listeners. My wife and I are also thankful for Jack and this awesome community. We started down this road in January of this year. Here is a funny side note: Due to family circumstances I am retiring earlier than i intended and I think Jack was looking at some of the same properties as us in the Dallas/ East Texas area. At least when he mentioned a Geodesic dome I knew exactly which one he was talking about.

  3. I’m thankful that no bombs are dropping here.
    I’m thankful that even though the gov’t watches everything I do, I’m still brave enough to fight for liberty.
    I’m thankful I can see, hear, walk and can still wipe my own……nose. ha
    I’m thankful to be in a house with enough yard to grow some food.
    I’m thankful for my Berkey.
    I’m thankful Jack is NOT in the car anymore!!! OMG……………..
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m thankful that God is still God.
    I’m thankful that we are able to pray and worship still without someone breaking down our doors.
    I’m thankful that I have my wife and family with me in my heart and life.
    I’m thankful Jack is still free to do this podcast.
    I’m thankful that I can serve my fellowman tomorrow who have less dinner with rspect tomorrow!

  5. I am thankful I was born in America.
    I am thankful I am no longer oblivious to what is going on in this country.
    I am thankful I am learning new skills all the time thanks to Jack and sites like TSP.
    I am thankful for the liberty-minded friends I have made in the past few years who have become as close as family.

  6. I am thankful for you Jack, your wife, your crew and your guests for educating us on being more responsible and self-reliant, in SO many areas. You provide a good balance. You have made a difference.
    May God save America.

  7. I’m thankful for finally finding out what this American Thanksgiving day is all about, wish you all a good one. I am thankful that I discovered Jacks podcast and am very grateful and blessed to be able to have all this interesting and useful information at my disposal. I might not always agree with Mr Spirko but I wouldnt want to him to be any different and think he is educating us all to look after our fellow man which is the only way it should ever be. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving from downunder 😉

  8. God bless you Jack for your Thanksgiving message to us. I too am thankful for your podcasts and your excellent content. I am thankful that this is the country of the impossible- the dreams like a house and property-can come to pass. No where else is that kind of impossible available for people, from nothing to successful, where person with an idea like this podcast can with a lot of hard and diligence work create hope and better future for others. Thank you, Jack.

  9. There are so many things that I have to be thankful for. I am here with my beautiful partner, our little boy, and my awesome cat. I am about to eat some amazing food. I am relaxed, safe, and happy. I am also so thankful for The Survival Podcast. I have learned so much from this show. . . from this community. Thank you Jack for providing such a powerful vehicle. It’s good to know that the world has someone like you on their side.

  10. I’m thankful for a lot in the last year. By the way Jack, I’ve disagreed with you at times but I hope you don’t consider me one of the listeners that hates you. I actually think you’re a great guy that does good work, that’s just the way I am – a pain in the ass. I wouldn’t have become a member otherwise. Here’s to another great year!


    • @Charlie,

      I think I need to do a segment on air about comments and how me saying what amounts to “I understand you think I am wrong, I have heard you and still think you are wrong”, doesn’t mean I am angry with you or feel you hate me or whatever.

      I find it so odd, that a person will take the time to comment and disagree and some how feel scorned, not listened to, hated, or beaten up when I respond that I don’t agree and stand by my original statements. Generally these are statements I had made about say with in the last 6-48 hours.

      I think some people (not necessarily you) expect is that unless my response is “oh I am wrong you are right” that they have been someone treated like prisoner or something.

      I don’t have a problem with a person disagreeing, go ahead it doesn’t harm me at all. Yet if a person defends big government I may say something about socialism, if that pissed them off or whatever I just don’t get it. If you defend government (especially the one we have) you are defending socialism, be proud of it if that is what you are. (again this isn’t specific to you)

      Frankly yea I remember the handle “Charlie” disagreeing from time to time but can’t remember what, why, when. I don’t think you hate me, I certainly don’t hate you.