Thanksgiving Pepper Harvest — 16 Comments

  1. Great pics Jack. We just harvested the last of our peppers and some green tomatoes in advance of the cold spell heading our way. We still have 6 tomato plants in a greenhouse that we plan to leave just to see if they can make it through the cold. I look forward to seeing what you do with your land in Arkansas- I’m sure it will be an adventure!!

  2. Hey Jack,

    Enjoy the fresh veggies. I’m getting ready to fire up the snowblower and move some snow.


    Winnipeg, MB Canada

  3. 5 acres … man I am so jealous. I’m working towards finding 2…but I’m a nitpicker. West Virginia is only a 3 hour drive for me and 4 hours to get in the middle. 10 year plan is in effect. Get property. Start laying in fruit trees and berry vines etc. 1st building will be a wood shed/ barn/ workshop type structure. The roof space will fill my rain catchment system. 20X32 cabin attached greenhouse. I really like Roscoe Bartletts cabin. You can see it in the video “Urban Danger” The video is a bit too religious but the technicals are great. If you haven’t watched it you should check it out. Keep up the great work. You inspire so much in so many.

  4. My high desert winter garden is looking good and survived 25 degrees Monday night. Tonight we’re supposed to possibly go down to 20. Can the lettuce, spinach, etc., handle that or should a cover them?

  5. Jack;
    It looks like there will be an extra fiber this thanksgiving for you and your family.

    Remember what the bible says:”That too shall pass!”

  6. send some of that stuff here jack. My “winter” garden is having a heck of a time in this heat wave we are having here in florida. Prepaired for winter now having to water like mad and deal with bugs and not a drop of rain in months. Gotta take the good with the bad. Let me know if you need help out on the new property next year, sounds like a great excuse for a permaculture road trip.

  7. I’m in south central PA and we have had frost for a couple of weeks now. I put plastic over the wire cage I made for my SFG and was covering my plants every night. I forgot to put the container with my cayenne in it under the plastic and they got fried. I planted lettuce and spinach on Memorial day and they seem to still be growing. I’ve basically left the plastic cover on around the clock now to create a mini greenhouse.

  8. Nice looking garden! I hope to have one half as good as that sometime soon, but I have so much to learn… Sounds like you’re getting a little nostalgic about your, soon to be, old place. 😉

  9. Jack,

    All those peppers can GREAT so you can use them this winter in AR! Looks like you will have a spicy Thanksgiving. We (Mom, Dad, the Wife, and I) decided to have a harvest meal this sunday to use our fall garden fresh stuff before we have to can/pick the rest! Should be a great meal. We decided today to have a total home grown Thanksgiving next year! This year was about 1/3 home grown! GET OFF THE GRID AND COOK!

  10. Jack,

    I have a decent stand of New Zealand Spinach that I plnated last spring due its heat tolerance vs true spinach.
    One thing that I never have considered is how cold tolerant NZ spinach is. What is your experience with it? I’m one zone colder than you (7) in N GA.

    Also, is the reddish stalk cluster the NZ spinach picture its flower/seed or is it just a nice cluster of swiss chard fighting for sun?

  11. @Cohutt,

    Well everything survived the mild freeze on Thanksgiving night but last night it didn’t make it. The peppers, tomatillos,etc are all dead.

    The N.Z. Spinach I am not sure because I haven’t gone out side yet. But the grass was well frozen when we got up and the low overnight was 28. I will let you know the fate of the NZ Spinach when I go out and check.

    The reddish stalks are ruby chard. It does well into the low 20s with no protection.