Episode-1682- The Thanksgiving Special for 2015 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m grateful to have lived another year. Grateful for the oxygen flowing in and out of my lungs.

    Thankful for healthy kids and family.

    I put in 6-700 trees and bushes this year – the vast majority of which survived. My land continues to be transformed – the soil gets more and more replenished and my trees from past years grow and thrive and turn into something beautiful. I planted 15 horseradish plants today and about half of the locations I picked featured soil porn a la Geoff Lawton.

    I’m very lucky and happy to be able to eat healthy food and a significant percentage of ethically raised meat.

    I’m grateful to be involved with regenerative agriculture and the #GSD movement. I’m grateful for the internet and the chance I have to connect with like-minded people. I’m grateful for my job and my work history and the opportunities and people it has connected me to.

    Grateful for a thriving and nourishing relationship with my wife.

  2. I agree with my hearing Spirko say Thanksgiving isn’t just a time to be thankful, to get together and eat. It was originally a time to set apart to feast despite what one and neighbors had, to celebrate, to realize Winter was coming, and so storing in preparation for its long months to survive was important, and the message of celebration was to reinforce to everyone “We’re going to be okay, even when times of little may come.”

    I will say I am so thankful for each of my 4 sons, and now of course for each of my daughter-in-laws, each of the mothers of each of my grandchildren, and each of my grandchildren. In many ways the circumstances of my life since April 20, 2006 has seemingly been a very long Winter. A time where the sustenance I had worked so hard to store up for our survival seems to have been dwindling into little… Yet, in precious moments I am comforted, and “We’re going to be okay.”

    Following some Thanksgiving conversation with my son Jonathan this past Thursday, he sent me a follow up message. He said, “I want you to know that I remember you setting an example for us by taking us to Des Moines to serve food for poor people one Christmas. What I remember most from that time was the way you fully engaged a woman at the meal, going as far as to embrace her. I remember thinking that you really cared about her and that she appreciated it. I try to mimic that kind of caring for people… Perhaps it is the same authentic love for others (seen of you) demonstrating towards patients, among other things.”

    How precious to me. How tear jerking. I’ve worried so that who I really am inside, what all I’ve really done, has been forgotten many times. I’ve lamented who I am was lost, and more. That so many may not know I never aspired to be one having to recluse and care for herself mostly all these long years of recovery. No way I can type the right words to describe or make sense of everything to ya’all right now. But I just wanted to share a piece of this wonderful Thanksgiving message I was so fortunate to receive. I’ve improved so much from the accident, thankfully from being able to keep and work my 3 acres literally on my ass until I could literally stand on my 2 feet again. It doesn’t matter to me if some cannot appreciate the same meaning of survival as me. All I know right this moment is, “We’re gonna be alright.”