Episode-1473- The Thanksgiving Special for 2014 — 5 Comments

  1. I am thankful for the fact that with the support of my wife I was able to triple my income by making the sacrifice of working in the road. With a one year sacrifice my house hold will have all my consumer debt paid off and my current house. In the next seven months I will be able to move into a new house that I can urban homestead.
    I am especially thankful that my wife that grew up in a culture that agriculture was the lowest form of living has turned militant about growing her own food.

    • Way to go, John! Keep it up. That year will pass quickly. Certainly, all worthy of giving thanks!

  2. Hi All,

    This will sound corny but…. I’m thankful for every step and misstep that has brought me to the place and person I am today. I was talking with my son-in-law earlier today about just this topic. He was talking about a less than ideal life growing up. To which I said “well… it has brought you to this point in time and to who you are right now. I think you turned out OK…”
    So these things and the important people in my life are what I’m thankful for!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.

  3. Listened and enjoyed the rebroadcast for at least the second time. Never change the “classic” portion. Thanks for what you do. I don’t agree with all, but appreciate all. Blessings to all of our community.

  4. I know this isn’t pertinent to this podcast, but is there any update on the possible Mini Workshop in December?