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  1. You are doing awesome work. Honestly, I had been toying around with the idea of doing a podcast on prepping myself-you are producing just what the doctor ordered.
    I am sending your name on to all my “close buds!”

    I have an idea for you…

    Have some product reps on for instance talking about the sales points of their water filters-like a Berky and other competitors. In this way, you might also be able to garner advertisers. I have spent money on the Rawles products because he provides a valuable service and I want to help fund him.

    Cheers in uncertain times!


  2. You are wonderful, practical, down-to-heart, open-
    minded and I do so appreciate all the different topics. Please don’t stop (ever!) and keep up the good work (forever!)

    Thank you so much! This is so informative!!

  3. I enjoy your podcasts. I think that we all need to be thinking about this stuff… My wife is not at all into the stuff I am and she thinks I am nuts… I have a lot of experience with building and construction and living of the land. I was a hippie of sorts and lived on 4 acres for about 5 years growing my own food organically and putting it away for winter and raising chickens and rabbits. I agree with you that rabbit is the best meat for raising and eating… you just have to think of them as food not pets… Keep up the good work.
    Peace and grace,

  4. Thanks for all your hard work in putting together the Survival Podcast. I’ve been able to learn a lot about small livestock, heirloom vegetables, biltong and other interesting and useful topics. I’m a cop in Indiana and I’m driving in my cruiser for several hours each shift. I download your podcasts and listen to them on the car stereo. It’s nice to feel like I’m getting an education in between calls!

  5. @SalukiFan,

    Hey thanks for writing. I appreciate you and the work you do, be safe out there and I am happy to know I may make a bit of an improvement on your patrols.

    I hope it is understood despite my mistrust of the Federal Government I am a huge supporter of local law enforcement, in fact my Brother-in-Law is a 12 year vet and sergeant on the Grand Prairie PD.

    I know from him that you guys take a lot of risk when you go to work, you deal with a lot of crap too. It is appreciated and God Bless you for what you do out there.

  6. GREAT Podcast! Keep them coming! You do a wonderful job of presenting ideas in a format that is EASY to listen to.

    You should talk about sprouting sometime. The seeds dont take much room, last a long time if properly stored and produce up to 8 lbs of fresh food per pound of seeds. That is if you are not working on it already.

    Seriously, Keep it up. I have downloaded all your podcasts in the last week and listened to almost all of them already!

  7. I love your podcasts mostly because they are much more informative than I expected… to be honest I just wanted a “the end is coming” podcast and instead I find myself extremely excited to start a garden, look into how secure my finances are, and sharpening my own survival skills. Thank you very much for your ministry my friend! I will not only keep on listening but I will tell everyone I know that shares my interests in survival about this podcast and site. God Bless!

  8. Thanks for your podcast. Our journey to becoming more self-sufficient, or less reliant on “consumerism,” started a little over a year ago. In that time, we’ve started to shop locally and organically, are succeeding at getting rid of all of our debt (following the principals in Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover), and we’ve had a real awakening as far as the need to be more self-sufficient and prepared for anything that may come our way.
    Recently, my husband and I have been more focused on getting our “survival plan” in action and thinking more about not only the basics such as storing food and water for any unexpected event, but even long-term goals such as planning to eventually be able to move out to a more remote location where we have a lot of land to do what we want.
    My husband ran across your podcast and said that I would really like it, as he said you and I seem to think a lot alike and have the same views on a lot of economic and political issues (as well as discussing things I’m interested in such as gardening and general preparedness planning). I have to say he was right. Just today listening on my way home I found myself laughing out loud as I exclaimed, “He hates that Discover Card commercial just as much as I do!”
    Thanks for being a rational voice among so much hype and spin today, and thanks for the useful information and helping us all become more reliant on ourselves.

  9. I love your podcast. I love that you aren’t some radical extremist. But these skills have been lost and forgotten, but they are still so important. Thank you for teaching me what I’m yearning to learn.

  10. I am just amazed at this guy who puts his life on the line (and everyone else’s on the road 🙂 while podcasting on his way to work or wherever the heck you are taking us everyday. I need to get my garden plowed and fertilized and learn how to grow stuff; how to store stuff; what I need to store and how much.


  11. @Larry,

    I assure you no risk is being taken, ;>)

    I use a headset and just occasionally glance at some notes (usually with a quick pause and in very slow traffic).

    Most of this information is just done right out of my head. I seem to have a gift for memorization and retention and finally have found a real good way to use it.

  12. On several occasions, in different survival forums the topic of paying for preps with credit cards comes up.
    It’s obvious that the 40+ people are against it, while the under forty people feel it more important to have the preps even at the expense of high interest debt.
    Perhaps you can do a show on the subject. I’d like to hear your take on the subject.

    And thanks for doing the show live! I don’t know, maybe a car cut you off, or you’re really passionate about the subject, but sometimes you get on a roll, and I’m laughing my ass off. Thanks for putting some fun in my commute. Keep up the great work.

  13. I stumbled across your show on itunes last week and I have almost listened to all of your shows GREAT stuff I have REALLY REALLY liked your most recent shows just great and “america from freedom to fascism” that is just the tip of the iceberg if u get a chance and check out some of the video’s on my myspace page there are all kinds of stuff there please look in to darpa and fema and possible marshal law but I am not wearing a tinfoil hat hahahaha

  14. This is exactly what’s needed, a rational, reasonable, discussion of our current situation, with possible solutions! Keep up the great work, let me know if you ever allow for donations! Thanks!

  15. “…or even if they don’t”

    I just wanted to say thanks for doing the show. I’m tuned in for the preparedness stuff, but even if the times stay about the same, I’m really enjoying the perspective. Thanks!

  16. I am a police officer in Massachusetts. Every day I go to work I listen to your podcast on the 30 minute drive. I would just like to say that you have given knowledge that will not only save me, but my family. Keep up the good work. You are a future life saver. Semper Fi to you.

  17. Thank you for the great podcast 🙂

    your approach to preparing for disasters is level headed and informative. A breath of fresh air from the scare tactic main stream media 🙂

  18. Wow, your shows are awesome! I’m so glad I found this site while doing a search for more information on the bailout to post on our County Community Web Site. Although I was already aware of a lot of it, you really helped opened my eyes to even more – thank you so much.

  19. What we did not want the 1st time, we now will get the 2nd time………..GOP and Dems each get a little more of the pie……..and we get shit on!……..I downloaded this Senate bill today and went straight to the housing bailout portion…..three provisions hit we right between the eyes……..1. the government will give the “I’m up to my ass in debt homeowners” a lower APR….2. the government will change the amount owed by these idiots……3.if the first two don’t work “then what either can the taxpayers do for you”….”just name it”!……….NOW MUCH OF THIS 700 BILLION DOLLARS IS GOING TO BUY THE SHITY HOME LOANS???????? (OF COURSE LET US MAKE SURE THE GOP AND DEMS GET THEIR HANDS IN THE COOKIE JAR FIRST!…….THIS WHOLE THING JUST PISSES ME OFF!!!!

  20. Love this podcast! Just stumbled on it a few days ago, but it has changed the way I look at things. I’ve told many of my friends about it. They think I’ve gone off the deep end, but at the least I’ll be prepared for the worst. Peace.

  21. I just wanted to say thank you for the educational parts of the show I was not even aware of. You have opened my eyes to a lot of the goverments mishaps. I like your sensible approach to making it through some of these potential crisies. Keep it up. You’re doing a great job and I’m telling all my friends.

    Thank you
    Lance 🙂

  22. just wanted to say thanks for the information. Actually going to start my first garden in the spring, along with planting fruit trees. great podcast keep it up..

  23. Hey man I stumbled on your program one day doing a google search on a topic that you discussed. I have since then been listening to your program every day. I am totally with you on your advertising view, I would love for you to only put products on your site which work and will help us have a better life. This site would bring a breath of fresh air in contrast to all the sites that advertise to any one with money. I will enjoy to get something off of this site that works and can brag that I found it on Keep on doing your thing man!!!!!!!!

  24. Googled survival type stuff looking for an emergency tin using an altoids tin. Decided to look for podcasts and found yours. First ep I listened to was about selecting guns and have been hooked since.

  25. your show is the best thing on my ipod and radio. please keep up the good work and thank you for giving me some helpful information while im at work.

  26. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the show, and how much I appreciate all the time and hard work you put into it. Started listening a couple months ago and have gone thru every episode. We acquired a 200 acre farm last year in the rural hills of middle Tennessee, and I have been refencing the whole place. When I’m out working on the farm (bug out location) I am listing to the show. Knowlege is power and I can’t thank you enough for the education. Looking forward to a more sustainable lifestyle.

  27. I want you to know how much I enjoy your show.. It is really great and I definetly enjoyed the ones on the 22 rifles an psitols uses an training aspects you have mentioned… Anyway I recently metioned your program to some friends who just bought a computer an they are an like minded group.. so hopefully they get on line na take up listening to you poscast as I have done… Anyway I only iwshed I had listened to it from the beginning… hmmm you ever think to put it all on an cd an sell it to your lsiteners? anway thanks for your time an efforts in this… Thanks you, James

  28. I’ve been listening for about a month now and I feel like I’ve been re-born. Thanks for opening my eyes to everything from the gov’t to farming. I am telling everyone I know about this site.

  29. Hi Jack:

    I found your podcast about a week ago and have listened to most of your 99 episodes (You’re really killing my work productivity!)

    I appreciate your insight, attitude, and philosophy that doing this stuff will make our lives better NOW even if the compost DOESN’T hit the fan.

    Keep podcasting and keep your eyes on the road,


  30. been a listener since I found you a few weeks ago. Farmer D (dervais) and Path to freedom started me on the path I follow now. Along with the teachings and philosophies of Thoreau and Scott and Helen Nearing amongst others.
    keep up the good work.. I have placed a link to you andothers on my blog as I find them

  31. Jack,

    Found your website yesterday and promptly downloaded a couple of hours worth of podcasts. As i greatly enjoy shooting, I really enjoy those pods geared towards that subject. I agree with you on a great many points.

    * Hi-Points are great weapons for the price, excellent choice for somebody trying to equip themselves on a budget. The carbines, while odd looking, are reliable and extend the range of your common 9mm or .40 round out quite a bit.
    * Bersa’s are awsome! I actually sold my Hi-Point C-9 to pick up my Bersa 380.
    * Mosin’s are excellent rifles for the price, own a few, for spare parts if nothing else. Overall, Eastern Bloc surplus weapons are excellent choices for value minded folks looking to arm themselves. Whether a AKM or clone, SKS, Mosin or Tokarav, they are all reliable, robust and more than adequate for most peoples needs.
    * A .22LR is an essential part of a survival package for most people. For new shooters, a cheap .22 pistol is great way to get introduced to shooting cheaply and practice without breaking the bank until you are ready to get a full power handgun or rifle.
    * And as always, GUNS DO NOT BELONG IN THE HANDS OF THE IGNORANT!! Owning a firearm makes you no more a weapons expert than owning a bible makes you a preacher. If you don’t understand it, it won’t work correctly (or more importantly safely!). Take the time to get trained and always practice the 4 fundamentals of safe shooting.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shoot often and shoot safe!!


    Keep up the good work!

  32. I was referred to you by a friend of mine ‘Brian’. We are both Police Officers in Mass. Your show has really opened my eyes to some changes that I need to be making, and even opened my eyes to the fact that being environmentally conscious is more than tree-hugging. I now have a 5 year plan to increase our self-sufficiency, reduce our environmental impact, and produce a percentage of our own food. Beans, bullets, and band-aids!

  33. Jack, Thanks for the show. I’ve been listening for several months now. I listen to the shows on my ipod when I’m not on patrol(in the sandbox). Love it when you get fired up, keep em coming.

  34. Thanks for all you do. I enjoy handing out the copper rounds to friends. It is an easy way to open the door to further discussion.

  35. Just found your site the other day from a link on art of manliness. Already listened to your first several podcasts and am downloading the rest to listen to them on my way home from work when I start my new job next week. Keep up the quality work.

  36. Keep up the great work Jack…..I’ve been listening for a while and finally decided to join in on the forum….Your program has definitely changed my thinking, inspired me as a father and husband, and made a difference not only in my personal life with my relationships with my family, but also in my professional life as well. Thank you much and keep it!!!

  37. Absolutely AWESOME Podcast!
    Jack you are the Doctor of Direction, the Sultan of Survival, and the Pastor of Preparedness. Love the show, keep it up!

  38. I hate having an hour and a half commute, but it lets me listen to an episode each way (or 2 episodes from when Jack was in the car).

    Thanks for all of the info. My head is bubbling over and I’m trying to eliminate the low-hanging fruit and continue to complete my survival/life betterment plan with my immediate and extended family.

  39. Just recently found your podcasts and website. Awesome information! Working on a plan to buy a piece of land and produce our own food. Thanks for all the help with becoming more self sufficient.

  40. Enjoye Zak Baker’s pod cast Wed. night. As an old survivalist of the Viet -Nam War, it was good to hear once again, some of the methods we used to “survive” in the jungle, being put to use for future times. Thank you Zak, from an old war horse ..

  41. Jack, this page still says 1,000 listeners. You need a couple more zeros, I think you’re on your way to 1ook. I’ll help.

  42. I’ve been listening since October 2011 and I commute in 1.5 hr traffic in northern CA; the ONLY good thing about that is I have the time to listen to your podcast twice per day! Ive listened to you almost everyday since discovering the show. I really enjoy the topics you discuss and all the interviews. Keep up the great work. I’ve been telling friends and family to check you out.

    Thank you


  43. I just heard about you on GB TV. I listened to episdoe 855 and learned so much about ammo. Now my husband and I can speak the same language. He got me a reloading kit for christmas and now I feel comfortable working with it. I think I know more than he does at this point. Thanks so much. I am going to share this site with all my friemds and family.

  44. the website and podcast are awesome. just found out about it yesterday listening to Glenn Beck’s GBTV and glad i did !!!

  45. Hey Jack,
    Loooong time listener and MSB’er. Thanks for doin what you do. I posted links to TSP all over my facebook and interested facebook groups. I look forward to you hittin your goals! anybody who rides in my F-350 Search and Rescue truck listens to you and ends up becoming a regular listener. Ive met some amazing TSP community members and have had nothing but awesome stories from those encounters.

    Cant wait for the interview.

  46. A friend of mine down the street from me wanted some more information on BOBs. She seems really in tune to prepping as it already is.

  47. Jack, I love the idea for the contest. I’ve been sharing you podcast with family and friends already. I can listen to at least 2 episodes a day while working outside. You are truly an inspiration to both me and my husband. Just wish you were on the west coast so we could catch you at an event to pick your brain. Keep up the great work!!!

  48. Jack, the t-shirt you gave me in Denver a couple of years ago continues to pay dividends. I wore it at our synagog retreat, and had a number of people ask “what’s with the ants?”. 😀 A couple were simply curious, but I’d guess a couple of the others will look into it.
    Dave (TwoCor)

  49. I’ve been telling people about your site since I found it. I don’t need a contest for that, but I’ll sure sign up anyway 🙂

  50. Just wanted to say that I was a casual listener. But have gotten fired up with all of the food forest info. As far as I am concerned, you could do a food forest show every week. I think its such great info, I joined the MSB. Keep up the amazing work.

  51. I want to learn more about low cost off grid energy systems. I don’t know anything about electricity so I need a step by step explanation or you might as well be talking to the wind because it does me no good.

  52. Jack has guided me in learning new skills since I discovered the survival podcast in 2008. Little did I know it was the early days. He has been part of my life on a daily basis ever since.

    Last year (2014) I finally subscribed to the MSB. I ordered 6 tress from Bob Wells, two knives from KnifeKits. I am also the proud owner of two TSP t-shirts. I really like the ant logo/motto and declare myself an ant often, usually having to explain it.

    I agree with Linda, Jack is practical and down-to-heart. Unlike other talking heads, Jack rarely goes on crazy rants.

  53. I’ve been waiting for the apocalypse with Alex Jones!! Episode 1654 has been a much needed breath of fresh air. So much that I have listened, and re-listened and taken notes.

    Thank you for what you are doing.

    I’ve gone from a scatter-brained prepper, to some one with a plan in one day.

  54. Hi Jack,
    Love the contest. Congratulations on the growth you’ve enjoyed. I’m thankful for stumbling upon the TSP. I recommend the PodCast to around 500 of the families who recieved our phone consulting on Emergency and disaster preparedness. Recently I suggested that the “Respectfull Revolution ” organization reach out to you, hopefully something synergistic can come of that.

    You have done good things with your platform. Congratulations & Thank you

  55. Jack…thanks for getting Dr. Berry on the show. I remember months ago I called you about how diabetics would survive in a grid down scenario and such, and you answered the query on your program. Well, today, Dr. Berry gave me SO much hope that DM Type 2 doesn’t have to be death by slow torture if you do the right things to “de-fat” your pancreas and liver. I can’t wait for his book to come out. On a different note, your energy never ceases to amaze me. Some days, I almost think you are super human.

    99% of your subject matter is always informative (I’m not so crazy about the recipes you talk about because, honestly, they sound gross, but that is just me and my two cents LOL.) I have been an MSB member for quite awhile and what I get for my membership is well worth it…better than Amazon Prime, and that is saying A LOT. This past week alone I told three people at work, who casually happened to be talking about gardening, getting off the grid, “conspiracy” theories and such, about your show.

    They say “hey, that sounds cool…I’ll check it out.” They did, and thanked me for introducing them to your show. I know your super busy, but keep up the quality work you are doing.
    Blessings to you and your family,

    Anne Marie

  56. Hey I followed the link for listener appeciation in the show description. I don’t know if you’re still doing this, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate the HOST.

    I really like to share the things I hear with anyone that seems receptive to preparedness, self sufficiency or learning how to live the life they want…

  57. Good job Jack!  The way you put light on the system’s flaws and its “BS”eries is awesome and hopefully people will wake up.  Thank you for speaking up!

  58. Enjoying your programs more and more.

    epi-2166-lifestile-design  underscores my appreciation.

    Your voice even reminds me Tony Robbins.

    Keep it up.

  59. Jack’s a Jerk.  Living that better life on 4 acres with a bunch of dogs and chickens and a bumper crop of blackberries, among other things.

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