Episode-389- Ten Gardening Steps to Get Ready for Spring — 5 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to listening to the show on my drive home today. Snow has accumulated to about an inch in Chattanooga, TN today. I have spent the last 2 weekends working on my SFG (Square Foot Garden) frames for the coming season. I’ve also plotted seed starting dates on a calendar based upon planting dates my area. I even have plans to take out a tree on my acre lot to make more sunny areas in the yard. And Jack is right; I’m late on getting some seeds started. I’m experimenting with grapes and 2 dwarf apple trees this year, as well. All the planning helps me from getting cabin fever too.

  2. Jack, I heard this podcast in the nick of time
    I started some seeds and they are spindly and growing tall, I took the info and built a small greenhouse on my back porch today. Im in MT and its is still cold here but 90 degrees in there already
    I’m heading to local hardware store to get a grow-light crossing my fingers they will survive

  3. We have SO MANY FROGS and TOADS! They love our ponds, they live in our trees, in our garden, and (unfortunately) even burrow under our slab. They are very vocal and I love the sound, so that iss not an issue for me.. but sometimes when I walk past the pond I get quite a scare when a frog jumps into the water~~ sure has cut down on crickets and bugs. Our cats have learned that biting frogs is a bad idea.. 🙂

    I think my husband and I have finally gotten enough garden space to do a little experimenting. Robert just read a book called “Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times”, which many of the ideas fly in the face of what we’ve learned and experienced in the past. It should be interesting to take a couple of seasons with some “test beds” to see how this new (to us)process works out in comparison to our current gardening habits.

    We have some seedlings growing inside and the grow lights are the way to go. I was able to take some fluorescent under-cabinet lights that came out of my old office – we bought some plant lights from Wal-Mart, mounted the lights to a piece of wood and suspended them over the plants. Worked great and did not cost much. We’d like to have a better setup, though, so that may be a project for next year.

    Wonderful show- I plan to share it with my friends this week.

  4. Sorry for the late comment – I\’m a few days behind and playing catch-up.

    Jack, you broke my heart with this one. I\’m starting seeds for the first time this year and I was so proud of all of my tall spindly shoots in my little grow-light/greenhouse/shelf unit. Now I find out they didn\’t get enough light and they\’re all probably going to die?! Whoops. Lesson learned for next year I guess. Thanks for the info Jack – you\’re doing a great job.