Episode-2784- Building Science Technology for the Homestead with Ryan Garner — 3 Comments

  1. You’re controlling 4 things: 1. Water 2. Air 3. Vaper 4. Thermal. Here are some pro-tips I’ve learned over the years: Don’t put your HVAC ducts in an unconditioned attic. Blower door test before you cut your windows and doors. Heat-pump dryers (Miele) do not pull in outside air nor push out indoor air. “Clean-cut” your sheathing, don’t hammer out a hole. Install double sump-pump’s. Use a whole house dehumidifier (ultra-aire). Large trades first (HVAC), small trades last (electric). Use Tremco acoustic and air sealing under sill plate before securing to foundation. Buy the building science book by your climate zone. Seal your outside sheathing to the foundation using poly-wall blue barrier joint filler. And 2 by 4 lumber is actually 1.5 by 3.5 – learned that the hard way building my first bed frame. Matt Risinger is one of the top YouTube guys to follow.

  2. I built a home 3 years ago following the building science foundation recommendations along with Matt Risinger.
    24″ OC 2×6 walls, california corners, blower door test [>.5], ERV, 2″ Rigid Foam wrapped 100% of the structure, conditioned attic, ventless closthes dryer, etc.