Technical Difficulties – No Show Today — 12 Comments

  1. I know you catch some slack about political shows, but I find them to be my favorite. You make political issues easy to understand and interesting. Thank you for all the great information. Be careful driving in the snow.

  2. Come On JACK… Turn around and do it again… your not busy or anything are ya? 🙂

    Ok, funs over… Just want to SAY THANKS FOR ALL THE TIMES IT DOES WORK!!! That takes dedication!


  3. It may have been worth it to see that awesome Simpsons reference. LOL

    Be careful in that storm my friend.

  4. Jack,
    We appreciate what you do on a daily basis, just glad it was only Technical Difficulties and nothing serious.

    When you are able: Can you cover more on silver rounds/bullion and what is a “smart” investment with silver?

    Also perhaps a short stint for folks mixing up .223 & 5.56 in their AR15’s (both can be used in a 5.56 barrel, but not in .223 barrel). I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt or ruin a good barrel.

    As always Jack, we appreciate what you do you!

    ArizonaEric (ok to use this name).

  5. After yesterday’s great show I have too much to digest. Thanks to the “technical timeout” I won’t be so overwhelmed with incredible information.

    Thanks for keeping the ball rolling.

  6. OUCH!!! That’s got to suck!! But don’t worry. Get home, get a beer, and start fresh!! 😉

  7. Well,

    Its been that kind of day for me as well. Not to wallow in my mire. Keep up the good work (ideas) and welcome to Arkansas. I live about 2 hrs away.


  8. JACK!! What happened? Did you get hammered like the guy in your picture there? (Simpsons I believe) Well, you’ve been doing a damn good job. I am always happy to hear a new episode.

    Take care!
    The Silver Wizard

  9. Maybe the flash memory in your recorder has reached the end of its life span.
    Flash memory does not have an infinite life, they can only take so many writes and re writes.
    You should consider a new model to insure your work isn’t lost like that again.
    That sucks man.
    But best of luck to you.

    Mike M.