Episode-2867- Glen Tate on Shut Down Fall Out and Strategic Relocation — 7 Comments

  1. I too live in Washington State in the suburbs of Seattle. My wife and I have been wanting to leave for about 2-3 years now. The draconian COVID lockdown in our state really cemented our decision and we have been taking serious steps in GTFO in the past month. This podcast resonated with my wife and I on so many levels. Thanks for this great interview Jack and Glen!

  2. So I’m 24, getting married in August (everything is all booked) and I live and work in a rural part of central Maine near a small blue city. By a pretty large margin, northern, north eastern, and north western Maine is conservative. Not to the point where the majority knows the truth about Covid though (where I am at least), there’s room for improvement.

    I’ve considered NH, I grew up there most of my life. My issue is NH is not a 100% red state. The governor NH has now pales in comparison to the Governor Maine had before 2018. And there just aren’t as many conservative areas in NH- if I wanted to buy 20-30 acres for a bug out location/homestead with good neighbors: land is generally more in NH, property taxes make up for no income tax, and Maine has several un organized townships. I’m pretty tied to New England, moving any farther would be a massive adjustment for my other half.

    So I guess there’s a case for some blue states, key word “strategic”. There’s a difference between New Jersey and Maine.

    My question is if there’s a possibility of DC statehood, what’s the possibility of states splitting up in retaliation? Thank you.

    • Curtis, you should consider giving up on the east coast.

      I know it’s tough to leave your comfort zone but if things get ugly Maine & New Hampshire will toe the leftist line. Sometimes you have to grimace, swallow hard and choose the hard way. I’m partial to Iowa, because that’s where I live, but you should REALLY think about further west (or south). South Dakota has no income tax if income tax is your thing.

      I’m trying to get right thinking people to move to Iowa because while we have a Republican Governor, Senators, 3 of 4 US Representatives, state house and state senate, BUT it’s not a huge margin. We have lots of food & fuel and are protected from Illinois by the mighty Mississippi but this podcast is right. Even the schools here lean left. To stay conservative we need to get conservatives to move here.

      PS: no mask mandate 🙂

  3. OMG! I was born in Montana and grew up in Bozeman. To hear Glen diss Bozeman was too funny. I live in Texas now also. (My sister used to run the airport in Flathead MT. )

  4. Great show. I absolutely loved the content and the manner by which you two presented it. Kudos gentlemen.

  5. Got out of Nevada, a state turning blue, a couple years ago. Loving our decision up here in Alaska. The governor here is awesome!