Episode-990- Glen Tate Author of 299 Days on Under the Radar Prepping and Family Life — 21 Comments

  1. Jack,
    love everything!
    How do I stop the annoying pop up of “Receive Updates” of TSP from popping up continually? I already get the updates.
    it drives me crazy on my IPAD.
    Please and ThankYou!

    • Erik, do you have “cookies” enabled? Only when I clear the cookies on my browser to I get the popup.

  2. Jack,

    Regarding the contest, do the copies of the first two need to be print copies, or is a Kindle version acceptable?


  3. Sounds great, but I all ready got the books, LOVE THEM.. Get me book 3 and I will be happy.. Keep them coming..
    Thanks to both
    Jack and Glenn

    • so give the old unsigned copies to a friend or relative and keep the new signed copies for yourself (assuming you win).

  4. I will have to start a piggy bank for the books. I’m money’d out right now.
    The mention about the fact that people will eventually stop working as tax slaves reminds me of a quote I recently saw: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”*

    -Anonymous Soviet Citizen

    The Russian economist, Grigory Yavlinsky, who ultimately became an important adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev, became convinced of the need for reform when he investigated the low productivity in the Soviet mines. He found the miners were not working because they had no incentives to work. Said Yavlinsky: “The Soviet system is not working because the workers are not working.”*

    No matter how good it might look on the drawing board, socialism just doesn’t work. It is a pretend world.

  5. I am LOVING this series. I have read a lot of prepper fiction as well as history, and I think the “partial collapse” scenario in G’s books are the most likely. (I think JW Rawles ‘Golden Horde’ is the least likely.)

    Can’t wait for November to read the next 2!

  6. Is there a possibility that there will be an audiobook version of the 299 Days series read by Jack Spirko? Please?!!

  7. Great show, I really enjoyed listening to you guys on this one. Real eye opener for those of us that have been just sitting on the fance.

    • I listen to books during my commute, so I was disappointed when there wasn’t an audio version. However, I read the first book over the course of a weekend, and read the 2nd in one session. I hope the spacing between releases is decreased, I can’t wait for the next book.

  8. Great show Jack and Glen. I would like to second the thought of an audio version. Even though we are headed for tough times there is such a positive outlook that comes from the show and the people that are apart of of it. Thanks to all of you. We are “living a better life if time get tough of even if they don’t”


    • All of you guys asking for an audio version have NO IDEA the cost and work involved. I think Glen should price it out, set up a kickstarter and see if you guys are really serious about it.

  9. Excellent interview Gentlemen. Thank you. Great idea regarding the contest.
    “Glen”…Thank you for the personal reply to my e-mail.
    I just finished Book 2 and I’m anxiously anticipating the release of Books 3 and 4…and 5 & 6…

    I recently re-read Ross’s “Unintended Consequences”. Now I have to dig through the book case for something else to re-read while I’m waiting. But I think it’ll be worth the wait. 🙂

  10. Did anyone ever say if the Kindle versions were eligible for the contest? Those are the versions I bought.

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