Episode-1319- Glen Tate on the 299 Days Movie Kickstarter — 23 Comments

  1. Wow, this is a no-brainer! I’m in! Looking forward to hearing more details when I get off work and can listen to the episode!

  2. I already set my pre-sale pledge. You may want to split it up so it is not radio buttons. I would be in for 2 DVD and 1 Blue ray. I guess it depends on where the kick starter comes in.

    I’d be willing to through some cash at this project to get it off the ground.

  3. Great interview! In a way I see this book series becoming iconic like the “Little House on the Prairie” series. Maybe your cabin will be a historical spot someday. Never underestimate small beginnings..

  4. I think the food/travel show your thinking of is Anthony Bourdain and the country was Haiti. Not that it matters to the point you were making, but I watch both of those shows and I remember that one as well.

  5. I can’t find the kick starter :/ I thought the way it was raked about it had already started. Jack, please mention on intro when it launches so I can help fund. Great interview as always 🙂

  6. Oh dude if you’re in this film Jack I’m buying it, haven’t read the books yet but I’m putting them on my Amazon wish list for sure 🙂

  7. Forget the movie!! Make a dramatic audiobook version instead. Hey it’s a LOT less expensive, it’ll contain nearly every word that’s in the books and it wont be another “B” movie made for DVD that people will forget in less than 2 months! A dramatic audiobook would have different character voices, music, special sound effects, and with the money you’ll save you’ll be able to afford decent production. Personally, I’d prefer LISTEN to these books while I’m driving, mowing, walking or just sitting outside at night, and letting my imagination fill in the visuals.
    That’s my opinion.

  8. Great job on the interview! Glen, thanks for your continued efforts (battle) on the front line in Libville. You have inspired me enough to not use an alias, and I decided to post externally to make my statement publicly heard and for the benefit of TSP audience:
    Please do not confuse Olympia, Seattle, King county or anything west of -121 deg latitude as an accurate description of the other half of the state.

  9. You SHOULD care more about things that are closer to you, than those that are further away.

    There is a dual strategy used to weaken the individual. First, get everyone to worry about shit that is totally outside their circle of influence.. and second make the discussion about ABSTRACTIONS.

    We need to do x.. think of ‘the children’.

    You, as an individual, can’t DO anything about ‘the children’. Frankly you probably can’t even conceive of what your first action step would be to effect the plight of the children.. so the only option you have.. if you care about the children (and what kind of MONSTER wouldn’t!) is to rubber stamp the state agenda.

    The opposite of this:
    What can I DO to ensure my son John receives a GOOD education? (or is FED healthy food.. or receives adequate shelter).

    By moving the focus back to YOUR FAMILY (or your neighborhood) you are now EMPOWERED to effect your areas of concern (the welfare of your family, neighborhood, etc.).. and by doing so to effect every ‘higher level’ of your concern (state, nation, world).

    If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

    You can not outsource responsibility.

  10. the stories of standing up for the right thing, i was riding the subway here in nyc once, and an obviously crazy guy was rubbing himself, and he started to walk over to a women reading a book. she was oblivious, but i was not the only one who saw this. Well, she didn’t move away as he stood right in front of her, so i finally stood up, and yelled, with the deepest voice i could “YO – WHAT THE F… DO YOU THINK YOU ARE F’ING DOING!!” and I stared right at him… he backed down, took his hands out of his pants & left the car. no one else did anything. I am not tough. I was scared as he was somewhat crazy, but he knew what he was doing. & he knew he had to move on. courage isn’t when you’re not scared, its doing the right thing even when you are

    • “courage isn’t when you’re not scared, its doing the right thing even when you are”

      Um yea folks can I gets a big ol A-Men on that one!

    • Bomb? Now saying Jesus Christ is a cuss or something like that, man I can only worry about how people feel so much for so long. If you are offended by someone saying something like, “Jesus Christ I can’t believe that”, frankly and most assuredly it is your problem. I don’t even know what to say, just wow. I understand people being upset by GD, so I don’t say it but this, well get over it or don’t.

  11. Did not like the series after book 4. It feels like a 3 book series that was stretched into 10. Had to put book 5 down halfway through. If the movie does happen, I hope for a complete rewrite to make it watchable. Sorry guys but the Holding Their Own series was a much better read and story line.