Taking a Day off a Real Day Off — 38 Comments

  1. I can’t believe you would have the audacity to take a day off! I mean all of this content you provide for free is not enough, I insist that you are producing shows and toiling away daily!!!!

    Hahahaha- Just kidding of course. 🙂 Enjoy the day off and spoil your wife. Congratulations on making another year!

  2. The part most people seem to forget is that life is not supposed to be about how we make our money but rather the things that bring us joy. Happy anniversary and congratulation.

  3. Happy wife = happy life.
    NEVER forget that.
    So says my wife & she’s never in doubt.

  4. Happy anniversary! Take two days off. Although we all enjoy the show, nobody here would blame you for taking some extra time off. You and the boss deserve a break. Don’t even check email, the forum, the comments or facebook. The rest of us have plenty to do inside our circle of influence.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  5. Dorothy, thank you for putting up with Jack. We all benefit from it; after all, behind every good man is an even better woman.

  6. Enjoy the day! At least we have a good day down here for a hike. Get outside and enjoy the cool weather!

  7. So glad you are taking the day off.

    I’d hate to have to come knock on your door and BOOF punch you in the nose and call you an ass clown. lol


  8. Good.

    Please thank Dorothy for being there for you, so you can be here for us.

  9. You could cut back each of your shows to an hour long and I would be quite happy. I think you over-deliver to a degree that I doubt few would expect you to. Such great actionable content – I recommend your podcast all the time.

  10. Enjoy your wife!

    One of the biggest regrets of folks on their death bed is not spending enough time with family and spending too much time working. I’m sure this problem will be all but gone when millennials die but you are susceptible to workaholism.

  11. She is a trouper! you are too! Happy anniversary, I love to hear your guys’ love come through the stories. Thank you to you both for the work you are doing. It is so important. Bless you and yours a million fold. I always enjoy a random episode.

  12. Unacceptable! I almost fell asleep last night without the podcast. I had to listen to Alex Jones! ????

  13. A couple of thoughts..

    1) I’m pretty new to the podcast (14ish months), but I’d be happy with 4 episodes per week. Like, the feedback show, a Just Jack show, an interview or second Just Jack show, and the call-in show. Then you get 3-day weekends!

    2) I know it’d be an extra step or three, but what about the possibility recording a quick “The following is an encore presentation of the Survival Podcast. We’ll be back soon with more new material.” then staple on a random earlier episode to go out to the aggregators on the days you don’t record something new? I understand not wanting the hassle, but for those of us that subscribe, it’d be a really easy way to check out an earlier episode while driving, etc.

    I hope you don’t look for veiled criticism in either of these.. you put in an enormous amount of work, it’s clear.