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Monetary Myths and the Debt Ceiling

Right now the congress is supposedly “debating raising the debt ceiling”. This video explains…

  • Why the debate isn’t a debate and nothing but political theater
  • Why they will and must raise the ceiling under the current system
  • Why we can never pay off the national debt with the current system
  • Why those calling to not raise the ceiling probably don’t know what they are asking for

Of course I am for elimination of the national debt but capping the debt in a system where money is debt just simply isn’t possible.

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Episode-373- News Events from Listeners

Rather than a typical listener question show today I decided to bring together 5 news events that were sent in by various listeners.  The first one is not that obvious as to why it applies to the other four but I bring them all together at the end.  We also bring in a recent 5 minute speech from Congressmen Ron Paul today.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Azle Texas is out of water due to a single line breaking and needs help from 15 cities to fix it. – (Link to the source story)
  • Social Security and Medicare are both currently bankrupt according to Gary North – (Link to the source story)
  • Paying off the National Debt is now “mathematically impossible” – (Link to the source story)
  • In 2009 the Federal Reserve bought 80% of its own securities – (Link to the source story)
  • Video warning from Dr. Ron Paul – (Link to the video) – note the audio is very soft in the video, I boosted it and played the audio in today’s show

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Episode-293- Economic Forecast 10-08-09

So today we are going to discuss my view of what we can expect from the economy in the next few years and what we can do to prepare for it.  I will tell you why I think 2010 is actually going to look pretty decent and on the other side why you shouldn’t take that much comfor in it.  Then next week we will take a day to compare my view to the view of many of the experts such as Jim Rodgers and Gerald Celente.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why I think we are about to see a fake recovery followed by a bigger crash
  • The stimulus doesn’t kick in until 2010, how it will succeed and how it will fail
  • Unemployment is “bottoming” the truth and the lies about that statement
  • This coming bubble and collapse is planned, I will explain why there is no other option then this one
  • Credit cards can’t fix a debt problem and how that relates to our national deficit
  • How the impact of Health Care won’t be seen until late 2011 perhaps longer and the disaster it will create
  • The coming 1.5 Trillion Dollar tax increase from the  administration that promised not to do it
  • How high taxes reduce the amount of tax government collects and what it does to the economy
  • Why inflation looks like recovery at the beginning
  • Why you need to own at least some silver and or gold
  • Land is cheap, go make a low ball offer while you can
  • Store food, build your own grocery store at home
  • Spend smart don’t horde money, balance your assets
  • Place priority of spending on assets with long term value
  • Keep some cash, don’t believe the lies about putting all cash into gold right now
  • Debt is evil, always in good times and bad
  • Never be 100% invested in any item or investment type
  • Do not liquidate IRAs and 401ks modify their portfolios but leave the money in the vehicles
  • Above all never “freak out”, make smart and strategic spending and saving decision you do have time to act,  don’t panic and react to swiftly to concerns

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Episode-122- The State of the Economy, January 14 2009

Time to pick our heads up from prepping a bit to take a look at the current economic threats, some forward looking trends and to evaluate if we are at the bottom, still dropping or worse and what that means for us in the modern survivalist community.

Tune in today to hear…

  • The 2009 US Federal Deficit will top more then 1.2 Trillion Dollars (link to source story)
  • China may not continue to loan money to the US, what this means (link to source story)
  • Why China has loaned us money up till now (it isn’t what you think)
  • Retail numbers are down double what was expected (link to source story)
  • Rham Emanuel says, You never want a serious crisis to go to waste and what that means to us (link to source story)
  • Chrysler is selling off the iconic American brand of Jeep (link to source story)
  • Mortgages are up but only on refinancing, no one is buying, what’s up with those billions of stimulus (link to source story)
  • Democratic Congressional Leaders are Already Turning on Obama, what we can learn from that (link to source story)

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Episode-19- Six More Reasons the Economy Faces Trouble

In this edition of The Survival Podcast we cover six things effecting the future of our economy that are not really being talked about. We also officially announced our Listener Appreciation Contest.

Today we discuss six major economic trials coming for the US and the world they include..

  • FAS 157 that take away some of the gray book keeping by US Banks and Insurance companies but still let Freddie Mac hide billions in losses.
  • The combined effect growing illegal immigrants and universal health care will place on an economy already 100 Trillion in the hole. Along with how this is just another attempt to institute a new form of class warfare.
  • The rise of China as a global capitalist force and what it may mean for us long term.
  • The fact that Gas in the US has hit a tipping point that the oil companies have recognized and pushed off additional costs to the airlines in the form of jack up pricing on Jet Aircraft Fuel and how that can only last so long.
  • The coming pull out of many investors and what that means to a market driven by investment.
  • The final nail of our coffin may end up being the return of “common sense economics” by the average American.

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Episode-6- What the Current U.S. National Debt Really Means

We are constantly inundated with information about the “U.S. National Debt” but very few people actually understand

1. How much total debt the U.S. really has
2. Who we owe the money to
3. What we owe the money against
4. How a failure of one sector can impact the others
5. How much the U.S. owes collectively to foreign sources

Due to this few people honestly understand the true scope of the problem and how at risk it places the entire United States economy.

Mentioned in this podcast is the America’s Total Debt Report which can be found at http://mwhodges.home.att.net/nat-debt/debt-nat-a.htm