T-shirt, Free Patch and Free Shipping — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t mean to sound cynical but which I America do I miss? The one that had slaves, the one that enacted Jim Crow laws, the one that enacted the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the one that saw lynchings across the south, the one with “Whites” and “Coloreds” restrooms, drinking fountains, and train cars, the one where women were forced to resign from their job when they became pregnant, the one that regularly engineered the overthrow of legitimate governments in foreign lands in order to install its own crony government, the one that scared children regularly with “duck and cover” drills, the one that invaded a small country in S.E. Asia resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands, the one…. well, you get the picture. No, I don’t miss America. I don’t look back to a sanitized and idealized version of this country (although that does not mean that I think this country has its greatness); I look forward to a day when we are not divided by nations, races, or any other artificial boundary – a day when we can all just recognize we are all humans yearning to realize our potential on this earth.

  2. I miss the America that we could be. Sometimes you can miss something that you never quite had.

  3. Typical liberal spew pouring out. How about missing the America that the majority of hard workers enjoyed a middle class lifestyle. How about when children actually learned in schools rather then face both Common Core indoctrination and or language barriers preventing anyone from learning. How about an America where leaders actually love the country and individualism. How about a great America that promotes prosperity and entrepreneurship not the crony BS government controlled by foreign donors. How about an America that is proud to have the English language and ask LEGAL immigrants to be sure to learn it and also prosper.
    This list go’s on and on. Truth is the shirt makes 100% sense and those of us citizens know how great this country was before the great divider moved up.