The System Wants you Sick, Compliant & Dying – Epi-3231 — 3 Comments

  1. I see many end young people with end state liver disease in my ICU in their 20’s and 30’s that I didn’t see 20 years ago. Makes me thing it’s a increase use of hfcs and seed oils.

    • Recently ran into a research summary of factors that increase mortality.

      #3 is ‘vegetable oils’, increased mortality by 62%

      (1 – Severe Obesity 93%, 2 – Heavy Smoking 80%)

      ‘Excess Sugar’ was way down at #7 w/ 1 13% increase (though you can of course eat enough of it to get you into that #1 category)

      I’ve also seen a lot about that excess sugar (giving kids fruit juice, soda) leading to fatty liver syndrome in grade school.

      Sugar consumption depletes the liver more than alcohol.