Guy Swann & Jack Spirko Discuss Nostr’s Future – Epi-3297 — 4 Comments

  1. Okay Jack,

    This has been a typo for far too long, several months at least I first noticed it back in February so either you don’t look at your YouTube Show Notes, or you’ve done it on purpose to make people like me crazy.

    Get the Fold Card of you Hate Money – (get 5,000 free sats when you sign up)

    I think you forgot to put the word “don’t” in the sentence before the link.

    Evelyn Mitchell

  2. Around 1:26, Jack talks about a “device” that’s agnostic that connects us. My prediction is Elon’s “X” phone on the Starlink network.

    • After he hired a total POS mandatory vax, pro censorship, literal director level member of the WEF as Twitter’s new CEO I’d trust that about as much as Jeffery Epstein selling Tijuana tap water out of a old white van with “Free Candy” spray painted on the side.