Sustainable Real Estate Development as a Side Hustle – Epi-3181 — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    Butcher Box has been, on balance, a pretty good deal. But, their packaging get’s a 3 out of 10 for integrity since freezer burn and leaks (when you use the warm water immersion for a quick-thaw) are frequent.

    My other issue is if their pork is truly pastured and not abetted with soy and corn. I have not been able to verify any of this on their label and wonder if the fat I’m consuming has all that that crap entails in it.

    Can you verify?


  2. Well spoken. Jeanie is loveable, relatable, and on target. Love your choice of guests today. I was beginning to regret the end of this podcast as she is so on point. She would be great for a podcast of her own as well. Thanks for bringing her to us. 5.5 out of 5

  3. Finally clicked when she brought up Justin Rhodes (40min in), i.e. show title and content not congruous. There seems to have been potential, but I think this one would’ve been better titled “An Autobiography of”. Gave me flashbacks to mustering on the fantail for whatever an over-caffeinated division officer has suddenly thought of.

    In the future it might be worth weeding out, or more thoroughly vetting, or at least more aggressively setting boundaries with anyone who leads with what I call the identity clause: “As a _____”.

  4. I could have kept listening to this one for another hour. Great episode Jack! I hope you have her back on to get more of her story.