Episode-1982- John Suscovich on Pastured Poultry — 2 Comments

  1. John,

    I bought your book last spring and built the tractor. I am so happy with this design and know how much work you put into it. Currently running 12 hens and 1 rooster. This design was awesome for raising my birds from 4 weeks to 20 weeks for layers. I moved it once and sometimes twice per day and the birds were so happy to move onto fresh grass. Leave it too long and they will clear everything down to the roots. Your design made it easy to move it, replenish the food and water and I added roosts on either long side which the chickens immediate hopped up on. I added nest boxes but they didn’t immediately use them. This spring, the area that I used for the tractor has the most lush grass due to the chicken poop, it’s really healthy.

    I have since built a mobile coop for cold weather and have a plan to paddock shift the chickens into that area again. My friends have since decided to try layers and will borrow my (your) tractor to bring them up to 20 weeks. I would like to run some meat birds and might build a second tractor. I’m considering a second much smaller door on the opposite side to make use of the tractor in conjunction with my normal fenced yard area.

    Again thanks for a great design and thanks to Jack for great shows.

    Jim in Northern Virginia
    MSB Member
    General Class Amateur Radio Operator

    PS you can see photos of my tractor on the amazon site in the reviews section for this book.

  2. Great episode. I was designing a chicken tractor that looked similar but would have been a bit taller and MUCH heavier. Downloaded the e-book. Good, easy to use instructions that are very helpful. If you don’t have any carpentry experience this book is definitely for you. John explains every step in the simplest manner.

    And, is it just me or does he sound just like Darby Simpson?