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  1. Re: Top Ramen Recipes
    I liked the idea of top ramen noodles as a food storage addition. Because of the MSG in most top ramen, I would humbly recommend not using the flavor packets, but use the convenience and cost-efficient noodles as a base and add dried legumes or dried vegetables (that you can get readily from a local food cooperative in the bins where you find bulk bin items (even generic grocery stores have bulk bins nowadays). i’ve read the Mormon religion websites lately and i believe they’ve “got it down” in the emergency food storage area. They would have great resources i’m sure for storing the top ramen noodles & dried vegetable and legumes.
    i would like to suggest an upcoming topic of discussion might be: Growing Sprouts. They would be basic to survival and are some of the easiest food to grow (3-5 DAYS (not weeks, DAYS) to get something so quickly with so so many nutrients; a person could survive on sprouts & clean water forever. (i’m not a vegan type but i am a vegetarian and somewhat conscious of my health. A great website for growing sprouts would be:
    Another great website for growing food organically would be:
    organic is a fantastic website that has loads of really free advice for the new and old gardener. free organic gardening advice galore!!! 🙂 🙂
    i like your podcast very much and have given your website to friends and coworkers.
    Mary Franklin
    Sacramento, California

  2. Just wanted to say I enjoy the survival podcasts.

    If you have time I would like to hear some tips about when war,genocide,chaos breaks out in a country. We live below Zimbabwe in South Africa and would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are on situations like that.

    Anyway, have a great weekend.


  3. Blavish: I understand there is good historical information on what happened in Zimbabwe/former Rhodesia (as it was at the time) during its long troubles and before that the likes of Kenya. As always the best way not to lose a fight is don’t get into one!
    Ragnor Benson ( ) does some interesting book on the “modern survival retreat” and “Survival Retreat: A Total Plan For Retreat Defense”, as does Bruce Clayton in some of the chapters in “life after doomsday”.

  4. PS: I think this would be a very useful type of pod cast, maybe every couple of weeks. Listeners could report any good material they may want to share, just be careful you don’t too many….

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