Episode-2671- 12 Easy Productive Summer Plants and the Best Ways to Store Them — 2 Comments

  1. Regarding living in a city: I would have to admit that my considerations and approach to “survival” are what might be described as “sloppy.”

    I can say that living in the city allows me to: 1) exist without owning a car (just two bicycles); 2) live two blocks from the school I go to every day; 3) be involved in a variety of community activities that interest me.

    However, I recognize that my existence is, today, highly subsidized. Though I worked most of my life, I’m now 65, and I moved here (to a city) so I could go to this nearby school. The trade-off is that my transportation (public transportation) is subsidized, my rent is subsidized, and my income is also subsidized (Social Security). So the social environment is NOT sustainable. I cross my fingers that I can continue to live here long enough to get good benefit from my studies. Then after that, who knows?

    I don’t have a garden here so I’m not sustainable that way, either.

    What the city does – which I learned from Henry George, who wrote in the late 1800s – is save energy by putting workers and the places they work (and play) closer together. If it doesn’t accomplish that – and since automobiles and suburban sprawl, it often hasn’t – then the city really isn’t doing its job. If the city can’t contribute to the larger community, including energy efficiency, then what is it good for?

  2. Don’t take it just from me, but modern canning recommendations are to pressure can tomatoes.  Something about new varieties of tomatoes not having consistent enough acid concentrations.