Chuck Marohn of StrongTowns.Org on Resilient Communities – Epi-3152 — 4 Comments

  1. Great interview. I’ve been a member of both the Members Support Brigade and Strong Towns for longer than I can remember. I’ve lived in Memphis for 12 years now and can confirm the city and county governments are a mess. But I have tomatoes in my front yard and chickens in my back yard. One neighbor grows commercial greens in his front yard. There’s a 1/2 acre guerrilla garden where the projects used to be. We trade fermented items and produce with our neighbors all the time. It’s frustratingly chaotic at times but has a lot of opportunity for those willing to work.

    • This is a home run make my day comment so much in it.

      Cross over with guest.
      Commenter confirming guest.
      Commenter taking action in a real way.
      Good news in the comment from neighbors of commenter.
      Barter in comment.
      Small business enterprise in comment.
      Defying government successfully in comment.
      Urban guerrilla garden in comment.

      All in about 350 words!

      The only way this comment could be better is if today was a Friday.