Get the Strike App and Set it Up — 18 Comments

  1. Does this replace Coinbase as your preferred method of buying crypto? Or something different?

    • More something different. Strike is USD and BTC only, Coinbase has a butt ton of alts. If all you want though is BTC, yes I would say go with Strike.

  2. Deposit Limit looks ridiculous per the reviews. How much are the lightning invoices? Going to install and check it out but I think will be sticking with Swann which is incredibly cheap, secure and easy to move USD in and BTC out to a wallet as my main purchasing method. Being I am a HODLER I am not sure this app is for me.

    • The deposit limit is 1K a WEEK, not total. I don’t know that for such an app it is ridiculous. Unlimited direct deposits. Withdrawal is high and I a betting deposit limits are higher with a linked bank account rather then with a debit card.

      May be it isn’t for you as a HOLDR but it may be for you as an accumulator/buyer. You can withdraw anytime you want. Sorry but. your comments just seems low information to me.

      • Its 1k a week if you give them a copy of your id etc. If you just give your phone/email its $100.

        As an accumulator/buyer I still feel Swann is a far better option. Auto deposits, auto withdraw to coldstorage/wallets, super cheap etc etc.

        If people want to use bitcoin as a payment method then STRIKE sounds great, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone use bitcoin as a payment method. There are better options to pay in crypto than BTC. #HODL

        • Sorry wrong, I gave no ID I have the 1K a week limit and NO BROKERAGE is going to let you buy much with fiat without KYC.

          Honestly that fact you can buy this much without it, shocks me.

          Though I will point out a phone number and debit card or bank account are pretty much 100% linked to you anyway. Yet again though you’re making claims as fact that are wrong. You are entitled to any opinion you like, facts though are facts.

  3. After the install and we both got the $5 bonus, I then find out that “Strike is currently not supported in New York.”

    I gotta get out of New York!

  4. “Hell I just did it myself and that plus the pay me in Bitcoin option caused me to get up and write this post before I even baited up a rod to go fishing, really think about that.”


    Worth looking into for sure!

  5. Looked at it yesterday, Downloaded earlier today and have my HR dept working on getting their bank added so i can get direct deposit from work into this account (in BTC)!

    • The one issue I ran into is sort of this but backwards. My bank is not in the Strike system. So I can link my debit card but not my bank. For me this NOT an issue. Since I do not run a typical payroll (for one person, me) there is no need. But it could be for others!

      It will be one of the things I will cover as (good but not perfect) when I get back.

      For some to use this they may want to open a new bank account for the fiat side of the world. Really surprised me Frost was not in there, while regional it is a pretty big ass bank.

      • I am going to add though, in a year or so I bet it won’t matter, I think Strike will be able to let you pay all your bills, write checks when needed etc. by then. Personally unless the big banks accept reality Strike is going to become the biggest bank in the world. And I didn’t not stutter when I said it.

  6. Forgive my ignorance on the topic, but wondering, regarding the being paid by your employer in BTC… When the yearly question is asked by the IRS “Did you purchase any crypto this year?” would that count towards the question? Seems like you did not “Buy” it but that your employer paid with it. Might be semantics but being issued payment is not the same as purchasing. If this was the only crypto you acquired in a year, but you received payment in BTC every two weeks all year long, did you “Buy” any? And if you did not “Buy” it, then are you liable for any gains it has during the year? How would track liquid gains/losses throughout the year for reporting?

    • That is a really good question, I didn’t even know the IRS asked if we bought crypto. I am learning a little at a time and it seems the more I learn the more confusing it gets. I hope that means I’m getting close to understanding Lol.

  7. Jack, did you do any follow-up comments in a podcast on Strike after returning from vacation? I searched the TSPC website for Strike and only got this link.