Episode-2607- Curtis Stone on Living Free on the Land — 8 Comments

  1. I’m following Curtis Stone … just bought an acreage to start my Homestead!!! Get out of the city, start farming, whatever ‘they’ want you to do … DO THE OPPOSITE!!!

  2. This one strayed a little beyond the tin foil line for me with the notion of Admirality law and whatnot.  I enjoyed the story of defeating the bureaucrat with bureaucracy, and the notion of choosing where to live based on level of restrictedness.


    In a recent episode of Radical Personal Finance, Joshua Sheats discussed having multiple flags/Perpetual Travel (PT).  The basic idea is that you shop around where different aspects of your life are located worldwide to get the best advantages of each.  A business can be incorporated in one country, operated in another, and the owner lives in yet another.

  3. If anyone is curious regarding CANADA being a corporation. Go to the US SEC website, go to “company filings”, type in CANADA, then there you go. A company registered as “foreign government”, on the US SEC. They have been slowly hiding them as more people have become aware of this. 6 months ago, AUSTRALIA was on there, and now it’s not.

  4. This was in my top 10 favorite episodes ever. Hope to hear more thought provoking material like this in the future.

  5. Great show. Most people don’t know about all of the CORPORATIONS providing government services. All City of xxx, County of xxx are all CORPORATIONS.

    CORPORATIONS are dead, or corpse. Your all CAPITAL name is also a CORPORATION just like Curtis mentioned. They treat your all CAPS name JOHN DOE the same as your John Doe name or your living flesh name.

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