The State of The Survival Podcast – Epi-3104 — 6 Comments

  1. Another interesting Bitcoin related product is the home miner from
    It would be great if you could get a discount from them. Maybe you could interview the guy on the new Bitcoin Breakout show. They were on one of the panels at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. You can find it on the Bitcoin Magazine channel.

    I don’t have one of their miners but I’m planning to buy one when they start their next batch. It runs at 2TH/s for 125w or 3.8TH/s for 200w. It can’t compete with the antminers but many of us can’t find a place to run one of those without waking up the whole house. This device is quiet. The idea is that one day everyone will mine at home, which will make the network more secure – not concentrated in major mining companies.

    I’ve heard of some cool ideas like embedding mining in home devices that produce heat like ovens and HVAC. As an engineer, these ideas get me excited.

    Jack Mitchell
    (Listener since April 2009 – food storage, guns and training, garden, solar, chickens, no debt – and of course bitcoin)

  2. Don’t remember the exact year I started listening but you were doing the commute and had to put down a beloved dog at that time.

  3. I started listening around late 2010.
    Came across it completely by accident.

    Definitely got some very good useful advise over the years so that’s why I am still here.

  4. I don’t remember where I heard of the podcast but it was very early. You were doing the commute podcast and sometimes you would curse at somebody who cut you off in traffic. Probably 2008. I have learned so much from you.

    You were truly destined to be a teacher. I NEVER had a teacher as good as you, not in K-12 or college.

    Thank you, Jack

  5. I am looking forward to your Bitcoin Breakout episodes… I consider myself a technologically inclined person and understand the gist of bitcoin, but still lack an understanding of the risk/reward of it along with the other variables (for lack of a better word) that seem to go with it… wallets, lightening, etc., etc., I also like the idea of Bitcoin becoming a circular economy (I listened to your podcast with Brian)… Additionally, I wonder if the true value of it will come in my lifetime (I’m your age); so with that is the “risk” worth taking… again, I don’t know enough now to make that decision, and thus why I am very much looking forward to the Breakout episodes. TY

  6. Hey, Jack. Can we get a series on comparing what are the best products right now for homesteding/camping/survival, etc? It would be great to hear your thoughts on comparing popular brands with more underground ones! Personally, I just discovered your old 2017 review of Muck Boots and was so impressed that I had just ordered a pair for myself. Going to come handy in late august and early fall for sure.