Episode-1542- Starting, Running and Managing a Business — 11 Comments

  1. For over 2 years I have been, as Jack put it, intellectually masterbating. From all the BS I’ve read, watched or listened to about podcasting and buisness… I could give a course on it. I bet I could fool people into paying for it. In the end… I haven’t done shit.

    A series of events over 3 dyas, ending with this, has forced me to admit it. Time is up. ‘You can not build a reputation on what you are going to do.’ Henry Ford is correct; I tried it doesn’t work.

    The time for action was 2 years ago. But today will suffice.

    Great stuff Jack. I will be stealing the intellectual masterbation line. Perfect description of the disease.

    • I assume its a podcast then.

      Whats it about and when can we listen to it 🙂

  2. Good stuff, as always Jack.

    I love the fire that was lit from PV2. Keep it going, it’s been great to listen to!

  3. Having owned a business (commercial cleaning) I have to agree the best advice here is JUST DO IT. There is a multitude of information at our fingertips today and the only thing holding you back is yourself. Once you take that step and get the experience of owning a business under your belt, you now are in possession of knowledge no one can take from you. The self confidence is indescribable. I’m not saying it’s easy. When you own a business…it owns YOU. Everything is in your lap now. The dedication it takes is massive but you develop a whole other “self” in the process.
    I cannot stress enough listening to the tutorial provided on forming a corporation as the information within can save you a tremendous amount of grief in the future. #1 rule: EDUCATE YOURSELF.
    Jack is also correct on another issue. You may have to be an asshole. As an employer there will be times you have to reprimand employees. Your rules are your rules for a reason. Never back down. My favorite line was “you agreed to do certain things in exchange for $_._ …..has something changed? Do we need to adjust your pay?”. It’s fine to be a really friendly boss but when someone crosses the line for whatever reason you have to cowboy up and go over the rules again. Everyone is entitled to a second chance. Burn that one and it’s gonna get ugly. And I can get real ugly if I’m forced to.

  4. Regarding the segments on TSP, specifically “Assclowns and Heroes”, I’m too new to the show to know you had that segment. I’ve gone back and listened to some of the old podcasts, but none that had that segment in it, as of yet.
    For what it’s worth, I think a “Heroes” segment would be of interest. There’s plenty of Assclowns already out there in the world, you wouldn’t be a part of this community if you weren’t sick of hearing about them. But, when a hero pops up that’s worth mentioning, taking a minute or two out of the show to say why they’re a hero isn’t a bad thing. Kind of like “Jack was wrong DUH DUH DUH!” It can be in the beginning of the show, and only on an as needed basis. And for those who aren’t long time listeners, the occasional recap of old heroes like Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton etc. would probably be worthwhile as well.
    Just my 2 cents, but as you said in this show, I’m just 1 listener.

  5. Not to be a smart aleck, but aren’t duck eggs and plants physical products? I have a blog/website that is my passion and it is doing pretty good (although I’ve yet to monetize it) and I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been listening to Jack, and yes I waited a lot longer than I needed to get started (about 1 1/2 yrs ago).

  6. I know of a guy who started his graphic design business (previous experience working for a local newspaper) by calling every business in the phone book until he got to busy working for clients to have any time to call.

  7. Here’s your ‘think different’ education moment teachers..

    Kim Ki-hoon teacher <= Google is your friend!

    $4/hr.. per student, all internet, all the time. Median income in South Korea is less than half of what it is in the US. Take home? $4M

    Median US Income is $52k.. so that's 13k billing hours ($4/hr). A student in the US is in school 900-1000 hours per year. So you need 13 – 15 full time students, for material you only prepare once. Or, assuming a 6 period day.. if you taught ONE subject, 78-80 ONE subject students.

    This is of course less than one third of what is currently spent on education per student.