Jesse Markowitz on the Start9 User Experience – Epi-3160 — 7 Comments

  1. 2 things-
    1. Don’t forget that the Fold card also sells a gift card with a great percentage back for Start9, and it stacks with your MSB discount

    2. Would you check with Start9 about when they will start selling embassy again? It’s been sold out for a while

    • Well, next time I’ll finish the show before I comment, cause you mentioned the Start9 discount on Fold.

      For me, it’s 8%, which is stupid good.

  2. During the interview we talked about why you “Don’t Talk to the Police”.

    Here’s the link to the video with Law Professor James Duane explaining (brilliantly) why even if you are innocent and have nothing to hide and you tell nothing but the truth and all the other caveat’s, you still shouldn’t talk to the police…

  3. Kinda tough to buy a baseline Embassy when they’ve been sold out for weeks.
    The only option is the 40 something dollar presale for the new model

  4. Can someone from Start9 comment on the price and availability of the Embassy Pro? $40 is the reservation for the pre-sale, but I can’t seem to find what price I am agreeing to when the unit becomes available. I would also like to hear the trade-offs between the ARM and the Intel based systems.

  5. After putting down a $42 deposit, your remaining balance would be $1,457. These are expected to retail at $1,899, so the presale is a steep discount.

    The Intel chip is WAY faster than the Pi. If you intend to run a lot of stuff on this device, especially Bitcoin/Lightning stuff, you should definitely go with the Pro over the One.