Start9 Sovereign Computing Added to the MSB — 22 Comments

  1. About half way through the show I was ready to order. Looked at the start9 site and thought “jack is gonna get a discount” and waited….discount paid for my tsp membership this year and more.

  2. This is now on my short term purchase list. I may get one for home and the office as well. Thanks Jack!

    • Scroll down on the order page a bit and you will see * Want to use your own HDD or SSD? You can purchase Embassy without the external drive here.

      WTF they do it that way, IDK

  3. This is very intriguing — said a guy that can do this but doesn’t want too

    One thing that this leads me to, is security as it relates to opening a gateway into your internal network. ( which just about everyone does today with “cloud” based devices )

    I feel like there is a business opportunity to simplify securing someone’s internal network. ie. segmenting “cloud” devices and such

  4. Not sure if I’d need 1 or 2 terrabytes?
    Just wondering if my family in NZ and Aus could all hook into my embassy?
    Maybe we could all pitch into the one??
    Most of your msb discounts don’t apply in Aus do they?
    Great deal, thanks Jack and Matt.

    • It depends on how much data you have and what you want to do, 2TB is a lot photos, etc.

      But do you want a lightning node there goes 1/2 a TB right there.

      My honest opinion get it with no hard drive and buy one with USB 3.0 because it will save money, give more space may be both.

      You can get this one with 6 TB for 170 bucks and I just pulled it at random. That would effectively give you 6X the space for about the same money as buying the one that includes the 1TB drive. 3x the space and save about 100 bucks over buying the 2TB that comes with it.

      I love the produce but personally feel you can do better, significantly so buying your own drive.

      Another example this is a bad ass drive on sale for 199 right now.

      If I didn’t have an unopened 8TB drive sitting on my desk waiting my Embassy I’d buy it. Its marked down 100 bucks right now, is 10TB which is insane and would still cost less then buying the 2TB drive that comes with it.

    • You will have to ask them about the discount, I bet it won’t be a problem. It is not generally that discounts do not apply international it is that many of our small companies just don’t ship international. Now shipping may be expensive, IDK.

      • The MSB discount also works on the build-it-yourself OS software.

        Thanks so much for this jack, it was a great show and I was hoping you would be able to get a discount. I am an MSB member in the UK so I will build my own, already have the Raspberry Pi4 coming tomorrow.

  5. Because it is built off of the Raspberry Pi makes getting cases and other accessories easy and may be a good option than buying the complete package from the vendor.

    Here is a very slick and complete kit that turns a Pi into a mini desktop and for 169 its a pretty decent deal as it comes with a Pi4 8g.
    The kit also has space for a 2.5in SSD and is all internally contained unlike the kit from Start9.

    If one were inclined to build a system or is like me who has been playing around with the Pi for a while it makes cable management and install so much nicer than having wires plugged in at all sides of the box.

    • I don’t know a few people reached out and said they agreed that the phone was a “scam” but none answered the question, so you tested one right?

      Have not checked on him in a while. FWIW I don’t think his is the best option that you will have over the next year.

      • Jack,
        Thanks for having Matt on. One of the things i was seeking was more ” digital privacy” and voila, this Episode aired a week later. I am not the most tech saavy, so after communicating with folks at Start9, i came to learn that my rural internet speed may be prohibitively slow to use with Tor, after i took a speed test. I wondered if there were any laptop brands (utilitarian in nature) you could recommend that i might could invest in, in order to use to locally connect to this Embassy server, instead of the Android Tablet i currently am using. Folks at Start9 said Android is not equipped to do so.

  6. Great work on the deal Jack,
    Loved the episode and purchased one too, without the SSD. Seems like a long wait time for delivery though (2 weeks and counting). Guess I’ve been spoiled by Amazon.

    • As stated in the interview delivery is delayed at the moment as they are doing an upgrade of the system.