Episode-1655- Spy Secrets that can Save Your Life – With Jason Hanson — 23 Comments

  1. Jack, when did you switch from a 1911 to the P239? I’ve been considering the p239 myself. Which caliber did you go with? If I can find a nice one used I just might get it.

    • I have one in 40 I bartered for. I still prefer the 1911 overall but especially in the heat with thinner clothes on, the Sig just carries better and it still has a very similar feel to the 1911. This from a guy that absolutely hates glocks. I don’t really hate them, I hate them in my hand.

  2. Did you notice he carries bobby pins and barret? That would be a stainless steel flat that is used to shim hand cuffs like a cut can is used to shim a padlock.

  3. Equal access to the products for the rest of the world would be nice. I don’t mind paying more for shipping. If it’s a download then there’s no shipping anyway.
    Is quirk in the possible shipping addresses due to some restrictive trade practices in the US or just an oversight from the product retailers?

    • Says the man who has never been in business! Seriously NEVER judge a business decision like this unless you are fully informed. Likely this is a LEGAL LIABILITY decision given the nature of what Jason does.

      The man who ignores the advice of his legal team or accountant generally regrets it at some point.

  4. I am curious about why he got a “cease a desist” letter from the CIA if he clears everything with the CIA?

    Here is the gist of what I am referring to:

    “But, before I go any further, I need to let you know…

    I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to share this with you.

    You see, I’ve already received one cease and desist letter from the Agency (below).

    And the secret I’m about to share with you is so powerful, I’m not sure how long I’ll be allowed to keep this page up.

    But for now…

    Let me give you the full details on the 2-second survival secret that could mean the difference between surviving an unexpected attack… Or ending up dead, kidnapped, or crippled for life…”

    Is it me or does it seem like one of those marketing things that we don’t like?

    • Smells like a half truth spun to marketing to me. Jason care to clear the air on this?

  5. I got a lot of useful tidbits from this show, but I wanted to share a different perspective with open carry.

    As most of you know, I’m blind but I carry here in IN (and other states w/reciprocity, of course. :D) Sometimes I conceal; sometimes I open carry. It depends on the situation. My father lectured my husband and me about how open carrying makes us targets, but my response to that has always been, “I’m a blind fat chick! I couldn’t be more of a target if I tried, so I’ve gotten used to that target painted in bright red paint right on my back!”

    There are situations where someone seeing your gun can make you more of a target, sure. But more often than not, if someone happens to see your gun, I think it says, “OK, I need to move on.” (That’s assuming, of course, that a criminal puts that much thought into something before he or she commits the crime.)

    • My point isn’t really that open carry makes you a target, it is actually a good deterrent in my view. The more lawful open carry people out there the less crime there will be.

      That said what I am saying is in the horrible event that I need my gun, open carry defers a tactical advantage for me. I don’t disagree with your view at all.

      I am very happy that we now have BOTH options in Texas.

      • We’ve had both options here in IN ever since I can remember. I have some friends who almost always open carry as a matter of principal. Personally, I find it convenient to choose. As a fat chick, it’s almost impossible for me to conceal without even printing because of my body and the way that most womens’ clothing is designed. If I had to worry about not even printing every time I carried my gun, that’d be a serious barrier for me. I’d have to resort to something a lot less useful like a concealed carry bag or something. But since we don’t have those limitations here in IN, I get to choose the most effective way to carry for a particular environment, weather conditions, and clothing requirements. I’m very grateful for that. 🙂

  6. I was hoping that because he was (is) a government insider he could tell us how to keep Obama and friends from crawling around in my underwear drawer (metaforicly speaking). But I am sure THAT would have gotten him in hot water.

    • Actually there is a lot about avoiding being tracked by everyone including uncle scam is on his site

  7. As far as home security Jason recommended looking at other people houses in your neighborhood and think like a home invader. I think that is great advice.

    These questions are for Jason and Jack, but I would appreciate anyone’s input.

    I have been walking around my neighborhood, taking the dog for a walk. I see a lot of security signs in peoples yards. I see a few beware of dog signs. I plan to get those as well as some motion lights. Those are the the first thing one can do. But I am starting to look closer and had some questions.

    1) Here are other things I noticed. Some yards are clean and well kept, which means someone cares and might have nice stuff, but might care to protect it, but junk in the yard might mean an easier target but there might be junk in the house. So would you keep the front yard clean and tidy or or not (or in between e.g. “grey”).

    2) NRA bumper stickers might kept someone from breaking in, I would think, or is that an invitation to steal your guns?

    3) Does anyone else have good ideas what to look for or what to place in your lawn to improve security not mentioned here or in the podcast?

    Anyway thank you Jason, and good job Jack.

  8. I enjoyed the show as well. Jason seemed kind of salesy IMO. I’ve read some of his blog and considered taking his training cuz we are in the same state.

    I don’t like the auto-play videos when I visit his sites.

    a nylon gun belt with those features would be very interested in IMO.

    a discrete tactical nylon belt with cuff-key, money zipper etc would be awesome!

    Jack, I love your show. I’m two episodes behind! then I will have listened to everyone one of them!