Spring Sale on MSB – Discount Code is “spring14” — 7 Comments

  1. HI Jack – Have you talked to Northern Brewer about a discount program yet? I know several of us have hit them up abut the idea. I know your busy, so I just wanted to ping you about it again. Thanks!

  2. I appreciate the discounts, but don’t feel right taking advantage. Everything you do and offer through your show and website are worth WAY more than you already charge. I’d gladly pay 10x your current rate, and certainly can’t justify a 40% discount.

    • Technology is a pain in the ass at times, I fixed it and it will work now.

    • Yes new and expired only but you could

      1. Cancel renewal on your monthly
      2. Email me and ask me to manually expire your current term
      3. Renew for a full year with the discount

      I can’t manually do that for everyone but you asked nicely so, ;>)

  3. Thanks Jack for offering to do that for me. I will just keep it like it is for now. I would feel like I was taken advantage if I did that plus I am super happy with the great information I get for such a small amount of money.