Spirko & Sauce Discuss All the Things – Epi-3294 — 3 Comments

  1. I love your show, and what you are accomplishing, so much so that I’m an MSB member and a faithful listener. I’m not a ‘commenter’ kind of guy but, I have heard you mention Mike Reynolds (MR) of Earthship fame in the last 2 episodes I’ve listened to and it rankles me so much so that I’m compelled to write.

    As background, I’ve built and lived in 2 Earthships and have been offgrid for 30 years. I’ve also worked on different phases of construction on more than 15 Earthships so I feel qualified to comment.

    The Earthship concept is awesome. I don’t want to live in anything else. That said, MR is not a nice human being. He lost his architectural license because of his unethical and illegal behavior as a contractor. This behavior continues to this day. He controls the communities he has started as a tyrant would. I know this firsthand.

    Go meet him, listen to his spiel, but be aware that he feels the ‘ends justify the means’ and will use nefarious means to achieve his goals.

    Your listeners trust and respect your opinion because you research your topics. I encourage you to do the same in depth research that you’re known for on this topic.

    If you’re interested in discussing this further, get in touch.

  2. Best car purchase we have made is a used Camry hybrid. It now has over 190k miles. The regenerative braking not only saves gas, but wear on the brake system. Sad that I will need to replace it sometime. Last oil change salesman who sold us the car even suggested I wait a couple years before replacing it. I would buy another hybrid, but not an all electric vehicle at this time.

  3. FYI Poly tanks are over $1 per gallon now. I got IBCs for about $0.30 per gallon.