Special Announcement – Details for the Early Meet and Greet in Hickory, NC — 6 Comments

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    Definitely no insulting, just a friendly note 😉 –
    Everything else here is spot on, so just 2 seconds to touch up a smidget:
    The heading should be “Special”.

  2. Hey Jack, just wait till you see the decor of the Tap Room,look up at the bar.It is one of my favorite places to try new brews. My fav, Hickory Stick Stout !! Ever dine in a beer barrel ? You can at Amos Howards. Take a growler back to the hotel with you.You should also check out the Mellow Mushroom. close to where you are staying. great pizza. Can’t wait to meet ya. Kev

  3. Hey Jack,
    What about having some “I’m a TSP Member” or something similar Sticker folks could pick up at your booth so TSP community members could ID each other through out the event?