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  1. That Smith and Wesson knife is garbage. I had one and it fell apart. That is the same model that Big 5 puts on sale for 5 bucks periodically.

  2. @John L – I have had this knife as my everyday carry, for the last month after my KA-BAR broke. I have been happy with it. If you interested in the kit, but would like a different knife, I would be happy prepare a quote for you.

  3. @Kelly Gendrou That is nice to know that you will switch items out for something else. I think it covers many of items you want in your BOB.

  4. I lived in Malaysia, life goes on as usual. 90% of our economy is based on trade that is selling to US & Europe so why are our industry still humming along, I am a preppers but those around me think I am mad because there no preppers in Asia or anyone thinking along that line. The question is why are those in S.E Asia are functioning without missing a heart beat, why are there no mass demonstration in US or Europe if it is that bad since it is a democracy. China is a so called communist dictatorial tyranny but if even half the unemployment figure as reported in the press of US, the people would protest & fight on the street. Unlike Asia, US citizen are allowed guns ownership so why don’t the unemployed attack the government office. I have been listening to your podcast & following the US news diligently but still find it very contradicting. If the western people value liberty, freedom, transparency so much why are there no revolutionist popping up when your gov became so corrupted. Please help me understand.

  5. I love my medium transport pack, It’s size is severely underrated by most and can carry A LOT of stuff! Adding a molle first aid kit also free’s up some of the inner compartments so consider this deal and purchasing from Survival Gear Bags!