Free Special Limited Edition Copper if we Sell 5,000 Sentinel Coins By Sunday Night — 12 Comments

  1. Interesting to note that the proof coins took 7 hours to sell out. It would seem that everyone who really (REALLY!) wanted them, got them. Of course, not everyone is a night owl like me. 🙂 We have another chance for another limited run coin. Come on folks, push it! (not self serving of course…)

    • Agreed. I stayed up even though I get up early in the morning. It turns out that I could have waited till I got up in the morning… but thats ok, better safe than sorry. Thats what I was thinking.

  2. Can’t wait To get mine. Chex in the mail 🙂

    Damn, anyone want to sell me the ant one when you get it?! Lol. Can’t believe I missed out 🙁

    • I was curious and there are already a couple of the limited edition ones on ebay. I have seen 2. 1 sold already for 100 buy it now and there is another no bids starting at 75.

      The thought of selling a couple of my 5 has crossed my mind but I debate making a buck off fellow TSPers (who are the main ppl who would probably buy this) But a $50 premium would help me get plain silver bullion.

      • There are a lot of people out there wanting one beyond our community, a lot of people overseas who couldn’t buy from the mint. My only real concern with the Ebay thing is people selling them when they don’t actually have them yet. I mean if they will do that is there a gaurntee that they even ordered one, I guess eBay rep covers that. A power seller with tons of good reviews won’t risk that for a hundred bucks.

      • To each his own, but isnt people selling them on eBay capitalism in its best form??? I wouldn’t think anyone should feel bad selling it to another TSP-er. I didn’t like paying the premium on the LE coins, but I understood what was happening. Capitalism and symbolism.
        Every time I buy a piece of any silver, I feel like I have non violently given the government the middle finger. This coin is like sticking up a tattooed middle finger to the government. The tatoo says “No! I will not go quietly.”

        So common sense says I payed waaaaayyy over for an ounce of silver. But I’m ok with that. It’s symbolic nature, and cool design is what I’m really paying for. If others want that same effect, their voting with their wallets will determine its value. Don’t feel bad about capitalism. Capitalism is great!!! Only when it’s crony capitalism is it wrong. You did nothing illegal. The rules were set and you played by them. Kudos to u.

  3. Might check but I don’t think you can use either the dollar sign with or with out one or two line running through it. The reason it is the same as the word dollar. one signifies medals the second is for paper currencies; or the other way around!!